Salman Shah: Still the most revered icon

Tanzil Rahaman | Published: 00:00, Sep 06,2019


Salman Shah

Salman Shah, who reigned the silver screen in the ‘90s, made outstanding contribution to the film industry during his short career.

The actor, who made his silver screen debut in 1993 with Keyamot Theke Keyamot, had acted in 27 films including Ontore Ontore, Anondo Osru, Tumi Amar, Ontore Ontore, Sujon Sokhi, Prem Juddho, Shopner Thikana and Ei Ghar Ei Shongshar, and others most of which were commercially successful until his sudden death on September 6, 1996.

Today is the 23rd death anniversary of the Dhallywood superstar, whose lifeless body was found hanging from the ceiling of his bedroom. The exact cause of his death still remains a mystery, with many calling it a murder.

On the eve of Salman Shah’s death anniversary New Age interviewed directors and actors of Salman Shah-starrer films along with contemporary film stars, who consider Salman Shah their icon.

Actor Siam Ahmed, said,  ‘I was greatly inspired by him. I closely observed his acting style and makeover that inspired me to pursue my career in acting.’

‘I wish to follow his footsteps. He had an elegant personality. When I was an adolescent, I saw his films and dreamt to be an actor like him. His contribution to the film industry cannot be forgotten. His death has left a huge void in the country’s film scene. He will be remembered through this works,’ added actor Siam.

Actor Nirab Hossain said, ‘Salman Shah was a natural actor and I was greatly inspired by his acting. He had immense popularity among film lovers across the country. His performance on the silver screen was outstanding. Though it has been 25 years since his passing, people still revere him. Had he been here today our industry would be richer.’

National Film Award winning actress Nusrat Imrose Tisha said, ‘He was a legendary actor. If he was alive today I would have surely acted opposite him.’

‘Salman Shah was not only a popular actor but also a fashion icon. I didn’t value his films when I saw them in my childhood. However, after growing up I watched his films again and realised what an amazing actor he was. I think every actress of our country would have wanted to work with him if he was alive today. His passing away is a great loss for the country’s film industry,’ added Tisha.

Salman Shah, born as Shahriar Chowdhury Emon on September 19, 1971, won hearts of film lovers through Sohanur Rahman Sohan directed Keyamot Theke Keyamot, which was a remake of an Indian film named Qayamat Se Qayamat Taak.

Before making his silver screen debut he acted in the first episode of the drama series Pathor Shomoy and also appeared as a model in television commercials.

Director Sohanur Rahman Sohan recalled his memories with the actor.

‘Salman Shah came into the industry like a rainbow, awed us and left us all of a sudden. I discovered him and gave him his silver screen debut after which he never looked back,’ said Sohanur Rahman Sohan.

‘He went on to act in 27 films. Most of the films were commercially successful. It is a matter of sorrow that the industry has not produced another actor like Salman Shah yet,’ added Sohanur Rahman Sohan. 

Salman Shah enacted the role of Emon in Delwar Jahan Jhantu directed film Konna Dan in 1995.

Delwar Jahan Jhantu said, ‘Salman Shah knew what he was doing. We are yet to come across an actor like him.’

‘He was well groomed. He could be compared to his contemporary Bollywood superstars. It is a matter of grief that we lost him at an early age. He had the ability to establish our film scene on the global map. The contemporary actors must follow his footsteps,’ added Delwar Jahan Jhantu.

In most films, Salman Shah acted opposite Moushumi and Shabnur and both of them later became superstars.

Moushumi said, ‘Salman Shah was an outstanding actor but he didn’t get the proper recognition when he was alive.’

‘He was not only a co-star of mine but also a good friend. We loved gossiping and having fun when we were free. I have a lot of memories with him and hope his works will be preserved. Film related institutions should do more research on him,’ added Moushumi.

Shahrukh Khan with Salman Shah.


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