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Sams Wahid Shahat | Published: 00:10, Sep 01,2019 | Updated: 00:09, Sep 01,2019

Sams Wahid Shahat, Anybooks

FORGET about the top ten trends. Let’s talk about the most unimaginably useful Android app where millions of favourite and bestselling books are completely free to read without vexatious ads and internal purchases.

Anywhere Anytime Anybook — with this perfect and promising label ‘AnyBooks’ offers a great deal of downloading EPUB versions in a matter of seconds; so, you can painlessly bear an entire library with you.

Smartphone App developers are wrestling twenty-four-seven with our countless needs we like to be fulfilled by just tapping the screen and this app perhaps the finest outcome among them all, at least, nerds will undoubtedly concur!

Honestly, for the very first time, I realised the actual friendliness of books through AnyBooks because it allows me to save a handsome amount of money in every month that once used up for hard copies. Likewise, millions of students in our country do not have that solvency to purchase books they want but now a sole application destroys the whole complexity and opens a salutary doorway of studious territory. 

This software’s built-in dictionary, bookmark, highlight, note and the preferable reading customisation features are imitating any EPUB reader apps available in the Google Play Store, creating a delightful reading experience. Moreover, you can synchronise your ebook’s modifications like highlighted vocabs or quotes across multiple devices simply by logging in.

Tons of ebooks from popular genres arrayed in library section inside this app and with a single fingertip you can shift them to your bookshelf. Upcoming audiobooks and story writing features will definitely outstretch its popularity.

From fiction to thriller one can explore any book they are attracted to or love to read by installing this tiny masterpiece and build a worthwhile habit of being bookish instead of wasting time on delusive habits.

Keep a track on your reading time by tapping the daily check-in option and invite your friends for more rewards. You can also upload EPUB format books from devices’ storage or via PC/MAC but before trying that you must read and understand the AnyBooks’ ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘DMCA’ in order to avoid copyright or privacy rights violation.

Sams Wahid Shahat is a student of University of liberal arts Bangladesh

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