Rumeen for axing TR, food for work grants to MPs

JP deflects govt criticism by BNP MPs in JS

Staff Correspondent | Published: 00:29, Jul 01,2019


Rumeen Farhana

Bangladesh Nationalist Party lawmaker Rumeen Farhana on Sunday urged the government not to allocate TR (test relief) and Kabikha (food for work) funds to members of parliament.

The opposition BNP member of the house moved a cut motion in the parliament asking the government to axe allocation of fund to the members of parliament under the appropriation bill of 2019-20 fiscal for disaster management and relief ministry.

She urged the government to keep the lawmakers off TR and Kabikha grants  as the duties of lawmakers were formulating laws, constituting cabinet and policy making, not to get into a race for TR and Kabikha grants.

She said that the allocation should be distributed among the poor by the Local Government Division, which would strengthen the department.

Additionally, pointing to Jatiya Party lawmakers’ reply on criticism against the government by BNP lawmakers, Rumeen said that it was difficult to make out whether the party [JP] was in the government or playing the role of the opposition in the house.

Her comment came in the heels of some JP lawmakers attempt at responding to BNP’s criticism in their speeches during the discussion.

In his speech, BNP lawmaker Harunur Rashid criticised the health ministry’s role for failing to stop the trend of getting treatments by Bangladeshis and physicians in district-level hospitals.

He said that the health sector turned into Indian hegemony as treatment was unavailable at upazila- and district-level hospitals.  

Responding to Harunur’s claim, JP lawmaker M Rustum Ali Faraji said not all physicians were responsible for the situation.

‘People are going abroad for treatment since they have money. Some are getting treatment abroad intentionally to insult the country,’ Rustum said.

Later JP lawmaker Kazi Firoz Rashid said that the claim that quality of treatment in the country was poor was not true.

He said BNP destroyed the health sector by involving the physicians in politics.

Responding to Rumeen’s remark on JP’s position, JP lawmaker M Mujibul Haque said that JP did not need lesions from the BNP on the meaning of opposition.

Jatiya Party, an ally of AL grand alliance, has 26 lawmakers in the parliament while BNP has six.

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