Syed Waliullah remembered

Cultural Correspondent | Published: 00:00, Jun 21,2019 | Updated: 23:37, Jun 20,2019


Imtiar Shamim speaks at the programme.

Acclaimed writer Syed Waliullah was remembered at a programme held at Shamsur Rahman Seminar Hall of Bangla Academy on Wednesday.
The programme, titled ‘Syed Waliullah Smorone Ekok Baktrita Anusthan’, featured a solo lecture and discussion on the life and works of Syed Walliullah.
Writer Imtiar Shamim delivered the lecture at the event, chaired by national professor Anisuzzaman.
Bangla Academy acting director general Anwar Hossain delivered the welcome speech.
In his lecture, Imtiar Shamim evaluated the Waliullah’s contribution to Bengali literature.
‘Syed Waliullah portrayed plight of the marginalised people in society in his works. His works Lal Shalu and Kando Nodi Kando remains landmark works of Bengali literature. He addressed issues like religious bigotry, partition of India, class conflict in society and others,’ said Imtiar.
‘Syed Waliullah’s works are still relevant to us. His works give us a glimpse into how opportunists use religion for political purpose’ said Anwar Hossain.
‘Though writer Waliullah’s numbers of works are small, he made significant contribution through his stories, novels, plays and others. His story “Ekti Tushi Gacher Kahini” is a landmark in Bengali literature,’ said Anisuzzaman.
‘Though he was a major writer, he did not receive the recognition he deserved. I hope the younger generation of our country will read his works and follow in his footsteps,’ Anisuzzaman added.

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