Roshodbari: denouncing social expectations

Md Nazmul Hassan | Published: 00:00, May 05,2019 | Updated: 22:09, May 04,2019


Team Roshodbari during one of their business meetings with a burger shop at Comilla.

A group of young graduates from Comilla University, reluctant to conform to their family and social expectations, choose unconventional career path. They wanted to do something of their own and here comes the idea of Roshodbari, an online food delivery service for the Comilla city. So, it’s time to disappoint social expectations and work for what you want, writes Md Nazmul Hassan, one of Roshodbari’s co-founders

ACCORDING to Nolan Bushnell, ‘The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.’

Yes! Finally, we can do it. Young people are struggling hard to do something new but they cannot because social expectations force them to follow the trend. So, just stop thinking and work on your idea to implement. Hope it will give you a better feedback.

Today I will tell a true story from my own life. I and some of my friends from different backgrounds make a start-up business name Roshodbari.Com in Comilla. My Friend Fahmid Hasan Anik, a computer science major, Mehedi Hasan, Riasat Tanzim, Miskat Mishu, all business students and me from social science background made a journey a few months ago.

This Journey was not easy because according to our society, after graduation, a student should look for a job in a big company or in a bank or go abroad for studies and ultimately settling down. But our team had something different in our mind and we decided on starting an online food delivery service in Comilla city. is the first and off course the fastest online food delivery service in Comilla. We think and believe that Comilla is one of the most important cities in Bangladesh. The people of this city deserve more online and e-commerce services like other major cities.

To create a great delivery service at a very reasonable price, we some young entrepreneurs from Comilla University started a food delivery service. Our difference with other delivery services is that we care more about our customers than just business. All the members of our team are related to various types of social organisations, so we always think about the customer’s satisfaction more than earning profit.

Roshodbari runs a marketing campaign at the premises of Comilla Medical College, Comilla.


In our university life when we met each other we talked about an innovation to serve our society and implement our idea, energy and experience which is gathered from working in different types of clubs. As senior rover mates of Comilla University rover scout unit, we are working together with Fahmid Hasan Anik, president of CU IT Society and Riasat Tanzim, vice president, theater CU. So after completing our graduation, we decide to make a platform to serve our community and try to break the trend.     

During the initial days of our preparation, we faced a number of problems. Some of the major ones were financial crisis, understanding marketing strategy, making communication happen between people and restaurant owners, equipment crisis and last but not the least, managing people.

Despite the long array of problems, we have managed to successfully overcome every single one of them — only through teamwork.

After completing our graduation, we started our market research to understand about the market and get community feedback.

Finally on February 5, after tackling a number of obstacles, team Roshodbari started its journey and successfully we have completed three months now. Already more than 27 restaurants and 12 employees are working with this team. In a short time, we have successfully completed over 2000 deliveries.

Right now, we are starting another part of our business named Roshodbari Courier. This is an internal courier service for the Comilla region. So it time to go forward and not to think about what people say. 

Our startup business has some unique plans like we make a platform for the young generation so they can easily join us. Another thing is we will try to serve our community to make their life easy and safe.

Our company’s entire management runs through digital system. We have android customer app. On top of that, admin panel apps, rider and restaurant app are processing. All of our daily accounts management is based on online data service so it is easy for us to complete daily transactions and people are benefited for the ease of operation.

I know startup is not easy to implement but all the members of our team has solid background in organisational skills. Their experiences helped us immensely to establish and make our dream operational.

After hearing the idea, my family rejected and told me to look for a formal job to ensure a secure life. They also instructed me to prepare for a government job. What I thought is that if someone wants to embrace a challenging profession, there is no better alternative to becoming an entrepreneur and commence a startup.         

Our future ambition is to become a popular brand and reach a huge number of people with our service. We believe that Bangladesh will improve immensely in terms of creating digital market places and online services as their demand encourage future growth. So we want to broaden our horizon day by day and offer different services to greater number of people.

Roshodbari is also hoping to create a place where all kinds of services like online ticket booking, e-doctor, medicine help service, online tech solution, online education service, emergency help service and courier service will be offered.

Finally, most people tend to follow common things because it often feels safe. However, if someone wants freedom from life and is prepared to take any kind of challenge, the life of an entrepreneur is perfectly suited for that person.

At this period of time, society’s expectation is nothing but conformist and it forces people to become similar rather than embrace their individuality. So, it’s time to disappoint social expectations and work for what you want. 

Lastly, I would like to say — believe in your work, believe in what you are doing, never depress, it requires endless passion and patience and ability to endure countless obstacles’.

Md Nazmul Hassan is a co-founder of

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