Govt must address non-MPO teachers’ issues

Published: 00:00, Mar 26,2019 | Updated: 22:38, Mar 25,2019


Hundreds of teachers and employees of non-government schools, colleges, technical education institutions and madrassahs on Sunday postponed their demonstration for a month after sit-in for four days to push for their demand for monthly pay order scheme, in which the government pays salaries and other benefits. They held the sit-in in front of the National Press Club banded as the Non-MPO Educational Institutions’ Teachers and Employees’ Federation. They, as New Age reported on Sunday, postponed their demonstrations as the federation president informed the teachers and employees of the assurance of the education minister that she would look into their issue and would arrange a meeting between the teachers and the prime minister. The federation president, however, did not refrain from saying that they would take to the streets with a tougher movement after a month if the demands are not met.
Around 15,000–20,000 teaches and employees of 5,242 institutions gathered and organised programmes to draw the government’s attention to their demand for their monthly pay order coverage. Although the government gave them repeated assurances, their demand still remains unfulfilled. In 2018, after a month-long movement, they went back to their respective institutions on being assured by the government. But in the past eight months, the assurances did not bring any fruitful results. Their movement is based on a logical demand, which is a matter of their right. More than 75,000 teachers and employees of 5,242 educational institutions are still outside the monthly pay order coverage. About 28,000 other educational institutions, despite having the same recognition, same academic process and the same duties, were enlisted for the coverage earlier. But these hapless teachers and employees have not been enrolled into the system although when they were spearheading their movement in 2018, the private secretary to the prime minister told them that the prime minister had accepted their demand and asked them to break their hunger strike and return home. The tragic part of the story is that the government has repeatedly broken its promise to put these institutions in the monthly pay order coverage. And, consequently, these teachers and employees have been obliged to come up with their demand again and again for a significant period of time.
The government needs to realise that the earnings of non-MPO institutions are very poor and, therefore, the teachers and employees get an inadequate pay which is not sufficient to keep body and soul together. The government is advised to meet their legitimate demand immediately so that their pay and perks can increase and they can lead a, reasonably, better life. The problem, otherwise, will only persist.

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