BCB demands same security for all teams

Staff Correspondent | Published: 15:43, Mar 15,2019 | Updated: 22:28, Mar 15,2019

Christchurch mosque attack

Bangladesh Cricket Board president Nazmul Hassan (C) speaks during a press conference in Dhaka on Friday. — AFP photo

The Bangladesh Cricket Board president Nazmul Hasan on Friday demanded the same security arrangement from other cricket boards that Bangladesh usually provides them during their tours in this part of the world.
Nazmul made that comment in an off-the-cuff press conference after Bangladesh national team narrowly escaped a mass killing took place in two mosques in Christchurch.
The team was on their way to one of the mosques, Al Noor, to offer jumma prayer but before they reached it came under attack by a gunman and they somehow managed to escape from the area.
New Zealand authorities confirmed the death of at least 49 people and 48 people were injured in the attacks.
‘The security arrangement was nowhere near what we usually provide. It’s not just here, wherever we go, we don’t get that much security,’ Nazmul told reporters at his residence.
‘Whenever someone comes here we need to give the kind of security that they ask for. But so far we don’t get this. To be frank, we don’t force for this.
‘From today it is for sure wherever the Bangladesh Cricket Board sends a team we need to be assured about minimum security. We will go there whoever can give this, otherwise it’s not possible to go,’ he added.
A total of 17 members of Bangladesh cricket team were just about to disembark from their team bus when they heard about the mass killing in the mosque by a gunman, named Brenton Tarrant, an Australian citizen.
The whole terrified team, which was given no protection on their way to offering jumma prayer in the mosque, was able to leave the area immediately without having any casualties.
‘The team was in three groups,’ said Nazmul. ‘There was a team liaison officer and he was with a group, who went for lunch and the coach was also there. Another group was in the field. The third group went for offering namaj.
‘There were no other security people with the group that went for namaj. All the liaison committee people were in the field where they were with the other players. We have to know whether they [liaison officers] were aware of our players’ going to namaj. But it happened when there was no security with them,’ he added.
Nazmul also said that as the third and final Test was already called off, he and Bangladeshi government were trying the best to get their team out of New Zealand and fly back home.
‘This is basically simple. With the current condition in New Zealand, there is no way to conduct the match. There was a discussion between two cricket boards and we cancelled or called off the match,’ he said.
The Tigers are now expected to reach home at 10:40pm today.
Nazmul also urged the cricketing authorities across the world to change their mindset about security.
‘We have always maintained that this kind of incident can happen to any country. Every country has to be careful. Every team has to be alerted,’ he said.
‘There might have a perception it could happen only in our country or in sub-continent. There is no chance of it is happening there. It’s no longer like that,’ he said.
Australia cricket team boycotted a tour in Bangladesh in 2015 citing lack of security while Australia Under-19 cricket team skipped ICC Under-19 World Cup in Bangladesh in 2016 on the same ground.
Bangladesh had to ensure statesmanlike security for England cricket team to undertake a visit in 2016.

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