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Sahadat Hossain Likhon | Published: 00:00, Mar 10,2019 | Updated: 22:16, Mar 09,2019


Nawwar Fatima Procheta

Lucrative, amazing, unique, beautifully crafted are some adjectives seen in her business page on Facebook that people use to appreciate her art. Her creations are really something to marvel at. Nawwar Fatima Procheta is a 3rd year student of Bangladesh University of Professionals who makes acrylic mugs decorated with beautiful glass painting. She chooses to establish her own identity through her artistic ingenuity and become a financially independent woman. Procheta shares her experience in a session with Sahadat Hossain Likhon

NAWWAR Fatima Procheta runs her online business through a Facebook page called ‘Glassic Pro’, where you can see a wide variety of gorgeously painted acrylic mugs and can order them to add to your home décor or gift them to your loved ones. Her designs are evidently different from other mugs being displayed in various shops and she explains why it is so. She says, ‘As you can see there are a lot of shops who are selling mugs that come in various designs. And custom made mugs are pretty common too. People get their names, favorite sceneries or even get their own pictures printed on them. But they are printed after all. On the other hand, I make all of my products with my own hands. And you know, hand crafted products always have a different feeling to them because of the effort and care that it requires. Machines can't add that same value. The designs are very different also.’

She shared inspirations behind her initiative and how she came to feel confident about what she was going to do. She answered saying, ‘I have got this thing from childhood actually. I liked to draw with whatever I could since I was four or five. I just love painting and creating things. When I was in school, many of my friends always looked up to what I was drawing. They loved the designs that I could create and so did my family. I did some designs on mugs and then people said you can make a business out of it. My family's response was yes, why not?’ She also made it clear that she absolutely has no financial issues to deal with. She is doing what she has always loved to do and this is as simple as that. ‘But yes, there is a strong desire to be a financially independent woman. It is necessary for any woman anyway ’, she noted. Moreover, she pointed out that it is better to utilise so much of the spare time she gets rather than just sitting idle and doing nothing.

New Age Youth asked her about challenges in her profession that she has to deal with. In reply she said, ‘The challenging part is that I have to do it all alone. There's no one who can give me a hand drawing them.’ Upon asking about the workload she then informed us that she sells an average of 15 to 20 mugs a month. She even once had orders for 50 mugs. She feels that things surely would have been smoother if someone could give her a hand in designing. ‘I might be able to teach someone the craft so that that he/she can do it alongside me and help. But it is not easy learning. It might even take years for someone to learn’, she clarified.

There is no pressure from her family regarding her passion. ‘They are very supportive. My friend always wholeheartedly appreciated my art and initiative. But family has been the main source of support for me’, said Procheta in a sincere tone.            

A challenge for newcomers can be marketing and New Age Youth particularly asked if there is such an inconvenience; especially regarding paid promotions for her Facebook page ‘Glassic Pro’. She informed us that she did paid promotions once or twice. However, that was a long ago since she started the business. But for now, she does not need it. ‘The word of mouth has been very satisfactory and some of the buyers are really praising my work. So that helps’, she concluded. 

The most potential buyers are supposedly the friends. However, it is not exactly the case. She admits that friends genuinely appreciate her work on social media. Now and then, they do buy them. But in comparison, organic customers are much larger in number. ‘When it comes to friends, more often than not, they are like, dost, gift me one or two,’ she said.    

Sample of Procheta's work.

As pointed out earlier, her business is an arrangement that enables her to continue doing what she loves to do. This is a business that is more artistic desire driven than money driven. Therefore, it is possible for her to keep the price of the mugs reasonable. ‘The price is not much compared to the quality. Sometimes my friends suggest that I should increase the price. But I think I can do without it, at least for now. People love it and I get a lot of satisfaction out of it! That matters as much’, she explained.

Everything is going well so far for her. She is not worried much and thinks it’s still pretty early to say where she sees herself in 5 or 10 years time from now. But she is very optimistic about the future as she says the response she is getting so far from people is overwhelming. She again mentions the fact that there are not many places where you can find quality hand crafted products. She confirmed that sometime in future there is a possibility that she might open a shop somewhere or expand the business further online.  

Procheta’s undeniably gorgeous craft shows us that that there are real hidden talents around. It also bears testimony to the fact that women in our society also possess unique artistic capabilities and they have the ability to pave their road to achieving financial independence.    

Sahadat Hossain Likhon is an intern with New Age Youth.

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