Govt fails to reduce disparity between rich, poor: Menon

Staff Correspondent | Published: 00:09, Mar 04,2019 | Updated: 00:27, Mar 04,2019


Workers Party of Bangladesh president Rashed Khan Menon on Sunday told in parliament that the government had failed to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor in the country.
Here the rich were becoming richer and the poor only poorer, Menon said while taking part in the discussion on the opening speech of president Mohammad Abdul Hamid, on the opening session of the 11th Parliament on January 30.
According the survey report in fiscal 1991-92, 5 per cent rich possessed 18.85 per cent of the total wealth of the country that grew 27.89 per cent in fiscal 2015-16.
He noted that the wealth of the 5 per cent increased a whopping 129 times.
He said the number of rich in the country was growing so rapidly that it crossed the rate of the same in China.
He observed that job creation was not increasing as per growth in gross domestic product with 8 lakh new entrants to the job market remaining jobless.
As a result the political stability of the country might face threat, Menon noted.
Moreover, the government had failed to check the mismanagements in the banking sector of the country and stop looting of money in the name of bank loans, he said.
He argued that the proposed banking commission was yet to be formed and no steps were taken against former BASIC Bank chairman Abdul Hye Bacchu, responsible for distributing shady loan pushing the state-owned bank to the verge of bankruptcy.
The controversial BASIC Bank chairman still remained out of the dragnet of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Menon said. Referring to the recent fire incident in Chawk Bazar, Menon said we had failed to check the death of the people in the fire and we had also failed to take steps to stop fire incidents in the old Dhaka.
He called on the Election Commission to take steps for holding upcoming upazila elections in a free and fair manner.
He said that in some upazilas the candidates were facing obstacles to file nominations as some quarters were discouraging the candidates to take part in the elections saying that the results of the elations were predecided.
Democracy would face danger and authoritarian rule would occupy the void if the local government election system was destroyed, he said.
Referring to the instruction of the Awami League president Sheikh Hasina that the partners of the Awami League-led alliance should stand in their own feet Menon said the government should give space for political activities by the opposition parties.
Jatiya Party lawmaker Fakhrul Imam also criticised the government for its failure to ensure good governance, check corruptions and mismanagements in the banking sector.

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