25th Australian Scout jamboree 2019

Ayan Ahmed | Published: 00:00, Feb 03,2019


Bangladesh contingent for the 25th Australian Scout jamboree.

Extra-curricular activities are something that complements educational curriculum of a young student. In this regard, they are equally important to shape a young person’s overall cognitive development. Scouting is regarded, by many, as such an activity to engage youths in team activity as well as physically and mentally challenging tasks. Returning from 25 Australian jamboree 2019, Ayan Ahmed shares his experience with New Age Youth   

The long expected January 1, 2019 finally arrived. It was the day when all of the Bangladesh contingent would fly to Australia towards an amazing adventure for the 25th Australian scout jamboree. We, the sixteen young scouts from Sunnydale School were as excited as anything to join in that luxurious event. We were about to witness one of the best events in the world of scouting.

Landing after a freezing transit of sixteen hours in china, we were greeted with a very hot weather of thirty two degrees in Adelaide. I was quite both sad and shocked that we had to stay in such scorching weather for the next twelve days. Though leaving the fear of getting sun-burnt to my 100 power sunscreen (still the chance was there), I engaged with the others.

After enduring the long, exhaustive but enjoyable journey, we finally managed to reach our destination. Arriving at our jamboree site, we noticed that there were already many tents occupied by big names such as international hub, the pitch et cetera. All these tents were accumulated in the shape of a mall, known as Alawa mall.

After a daylong adventure, every night we were allowed to talk with our parents (using free Wi-Fi), chill out, and roam around. Our sub camp site was quite good. Our troop was C324 and our troop leader was Bill William Pettit. On our arrival, we each received a buddy day pack which included hat, handbook, and lunchbox for overnight/daylong activities. Next day, during the opening ceremony, we proudly saw our national flag being hoisted. We all had fun at the concert and enjoyed colourful fireworks. Towards all the participants, the jamboree chief gave an inspiring speech.

Our activities began on the next day. The first activity was the ‘Cube’, which included mud zone, obstacle zone and vertical zone. It was a three-hour activity but we managed to finish all three zones within a mere one hour. We earned wristbands and badges after the activity for our performance. There were a number of other engaging group activities everyday such as bang, splat, whizz, hi tech and many more.

There were two daylong activities, metro mania and wet n windy. In metro mania, we roamed around Adelaide city, and played goose chase. Wet n windy was once in a lifetime experience. We were taken to the Murray River, where we learned how to control and navigate our own boat. It was a super activity with a lot of fun and real life learning experience with friends. We also had an international night when the Bangladesh contingent performed amusing dances with popular local songs like tagdum tagdum bajai Bangladesher dhol and joy Bangla.

Ayan Ahmed on the backdrop of a picturesque mountain range.

At the closing ceremony, we were congratulated for completing the jamboree and given badges. We saw slideshow of the pictures in the jamboree. Here we made many friends from different part of the world from different ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds. After all, we were quite happy to join this once in a lifetime jamboree experience. This has been the 2nd jamboree for the rover scouts. However, I would like to encourage those who are interested in scouts to apply for such jamborees and to have such challenging experiences with people from around the world. It is surely an exciting, important and memorable event of my life.

Aayan Ahmed is a student of Sunnydale School and a member of Bangladesh contingent in the 25th Australian Scout Jamboree.

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