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Mission Impossible: reminder of sixth installment

Jabir Misbah | Published: 00:00, Jul 22,2018

Movie Review

With the Mission Impossible Series, Hollywood has managed to produce someone as their answer to British spy James Bond-Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise. After a journey of 22 years, the sixth installment, naming Fallout, is about to be released this July. Jabir Misbah overviews the history and intensity of the series to say that if you’re looking for a classic style action packed spy thriller movies with the infusion of modern techs, then look no more and let Tom take you on a cruise.

‘Good luck Mr. Hunt. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds’- If you love the adrenaline following this particular message and haven’t had your fallout with Mr Ethan Hunt yet, then, this summer you are in for a treat, with the Mission Impossible series coming up with its latest addition, Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Preceding 5 others, this movie teases itself up as the latest action packed addition to the already famous endeavors of Tom Cruise. The movie stars two super humans with Tom Cruise giving the lead to Henry Cavill. Now, if you have not been living under a rock since 1996, you must know of the suspense and comedic references of Tom Cruise and the legacy he has created through the Mission Impossible series. However, if watching a movie series comprising of six two-hour thrillers, then, this is a mission that is impossible for you, I am on the hunt here to change that thought.

Mission Impossible has hit the theaters in 1996 with the its first installment, Mission Impossible I. Based on the 1988 TV Series of Peter Graves and Greg Morris, Mission Impossible I attracted the hearts of every single fan who were thirsty for an action thriller. What more could a 90s kid want in a movie? Spies, guns, international crime chains and a very fast – paced gripping story appealed to the audience on a new level at that era. Over the years the movies have seen changes in directors, producers and even cast to the point that every movie had different directors for the first four sequels. However, an amazing work in Rogue Nation cemented the place of Christopher McQuarrie to write the next movie in line- Fallout.

The storyline of the movies are impeccable, starting as a spy thriller story to the most recent rendition as an action movie. The films are usually set on a simple save the world story, also having a slight touch into the personal hardships of the life of Ethan Hunt. The best works of the films are not just the action packed glaring scenes but its strong video editing and background scores. You will watch Tom Cruise chasing and fighting the bad guys, in a music setting that gets you in the mood to save the world yourself.

Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise is the main protagonist in all the missions. Over the course of the years, he has been aided by a variety of co-stars, from the likes of Simon Pegg, Sean Harris, Alec Baldwin, Ving Rhames, Jean Reno and so on. Their role is simple, the world is facing an imminent danger, Ethan Hunt has been assigned to save the day and you have to assist him in any and every way possible. However, do not be surprised if one or two of these co–stars, instead of giving Ethan a gun to shoot down the bad guys, stabs him in the back. One of the most recent additions to the cast, Rebecca Ferguson has been acclaimed as one of the best inclusions to the series, which earned her a spot in Mission Impossible Fallout after her stellar performance in Rogue Nation.

If the Mission Impossible films have proved anything, it’s that Tom Cruise is not your everyday ordinary human. He is the best at anything you can imagine that can associate itself with the words suspense and action. You name it, he has done it. Flying jets? Racing cars? Flying a helicopter in a train tunnel? Negotiating with world’s most notorious drug dealers? Walk in front of the Kremlin while it’s getting destroyed into pieces? Running a rat chase through the small alleyways of France? Tom Cruise has done it all. You’d look at this 53-year-old handsome hunk and think that how is a day older than 35, given all the stunts that he pulls off himself during the filming. Did I mention, that a lot of these stunts were performed without the help any stunt men. If you’d like to have a glimpse of the rush that follows the name ‘Tom Cruise’, just view the plane scene in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, where he hangs on to the door of an airborne plane. Spoiler alert! He gets on the plane just to make a 30,000 feet jump from it.

Mission Impossible series has had its fair share of awards and honors. Not only has Tom Cruise climbed the entirety of Burj Khalifa in his work, but has climbed his way into the hall of fame through having won MTV Movie award and INSFJ best actor award for Mission Impossible II. He has also raked up multiple nominations for best actor in a male lead for almost all of the Mission Impossible films. The series has been honored, picking up numerous awards such as the Hans Zimmer Critic Award, Saturn Awards, Golden Schomes award and has also picked up nominations and winners place for every action sequence awards possible in the year a movie of the series got released.

Mission Impossible is a legacy, a pioneer which paved the path to story based action films of the twenty first century. Being a millennial, it might be odd for you to watch movies that do not feature metal monsters or meta-humans fighting each other, but if you’re looking for a classic style action movies with the infusion of modern techs, then look no more and let Tom take you on a cruise.

Jabir Misbah is a story teller and knowledge enthusiast.



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