FIFA World Cup 2018

Youth Desk | Published: 15:52, Jun 10,2018


FIFA World Cup 2018 is right around the corner. The greatest show on earth is about to unveil the contest for the most prestigious trophy. Following the enthusiasm across the globe, Bangladeshi football lovers have prepared for this show. Streets of Bangladesh have already been adorned with colourful flags of different participating nations. New Age Youth asked youths to share their thoughts on this tournament.


Sabit Haque

Jahangirnagar University

IT’S June and you can almost sniff the aroma of anticipation as we inch closer towards the FIFA World Cup 2018. The greatest show on Earth may not be the most intriguing for the Dutch or Italian fans this time but it's the most coveted prize for players, managers and especially for spectators around the globe. Will Die Mannschaft be overwhelmed by the talented French squad? Or will the Samba boys solve the Spanish Tiki-Taka riddle? Messi or Ronaldo, who will take a giant step towards immortality? For now, it's us, the fans who will battle for supremacy. In my hindsight I see another German triumph but my heart senses another ‘French Revolution’.


Anik Ahmed

New York University 

The FIFA World cup has almost come. Even if you’re not a sports fan, you’re soon likely to hear a lot of conversation about the world cup. I recall the first world cup I ever saw, in 2002, also the year Brazil lifted the trophy for the fifth time and very subtly I was drawn to this sport. Little did I know that the world cup and the love for this game will continue to grow exponentially within me and run parallel with my life for the years to come. I have waited every year patiently for Brazil to lift it one more time, because I barely remember the details of 2002 world cup, reason being I was just eight years old. As for the teams themselves, there is no strong favourite this year which perhaps makes this one very special than all the others. Brazil, Germany (the defending champion), France, Spain and Argentina have the best odds. If you want to root for a team that’s never won before, Belgium and Colombia might just do wonders!


Taiyeba Hossain


FOOTBALL is about joy. It's about dribbling. I favour every idea that makes the game beautiful. Every good idea has to last’, the quote is of Ronaldinho, the former football player from Brazil. The quote talks about the beauty of the game and the passion. Bangladesh, a cricket playing country never behaves miserly when it comes to FIFA World Cup. The celebration of the biggest football fiesta since its advent has stirred the dose of excitement in people all around the world, Bangladesh is not unlike. A large number of football lovers reside in the capital city, Dhaka. The city adorns itself with flags, jerseys and colour. Big and small flags set a mark, proudly acknowledging the country as an ardent football lover paradise. A major conflict remains between the fans supporting either support Brazil or Argentina. Impatient eyes fixed on TV sets while rapid heartbeats hammer the ribs, excitement of the football lovers are activated in abundance, as after four years they look forward to a revolution of the biggest football tournament that invites the world in its reverence.

Farhan Masum Razin

DPS STS High School

FIFA World Cup is just around the corner. We waited for the most anticipated football tournament for the last four years and the time has come now. Teams who qualified and proved their worth as a strong opponent for the trophy will try their best to prove their worth. Great football stars will try to make their country proud and will show who is the greatest by winning this prestigious trophy. Spectators from around the world will eagerly await to know who will take the world cup home, who will be the best team with the best players.


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