Dua Lipa's New Rules

Taiyeba Hossain | Published: 00:00, Jun 10,2018 | Updated: 17:20, Jun 09,2018

Song Review

The single is from the album named 'Dua Lipa', an album named after the singer herself. The album reflects her very own perspective towards love, rising above, sex, and self-empowerment. The single has successfully been the singer's first number-one single in the UK. ‘New Rules’ also reached the top ten in the United States, peaking at number six. It also became the singer's third entry and first top ten on the US Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number six.


The music genre is tropical house, EDM and electropop song with exhibition of drum and horn instrumentation. The singer sets a list of rules to get over her former boyfriend. The rules are: ‘One: Don't pick up the phone, you know he's only calling 'cause he's drunk and alone / Two: Don't let him in, you'll have to kick him out again / Three: Don't be his friend, you know you're going to wake up in his bed in the morning.’


The song is really well known in being termed as breakup anthem and is also seen promoting women empowerment. In the song, the singer admits being stressed over a boy who doesn't love her. The first time she recites her rules with no or little confidence and make attempts to reach her phone. The second time the girls are excited with the citation of the building of self-esteem. And the last recitation was while she acknowledges another girl in the same boat as her. She tells her to ‘eat, sleep, and breathe it’, so that she can ‘rehearse and repeat it.’ And believes it'll help her resist from falling back into the same old love trap.


The intended audiences for the song are those who went through a breakup and are still crawling to their former partners demeaning their worth. They are seen to diminish their self-worth while they swim to a cause they know they'll drown to.


The purpose of the song is to concede how precious you are and to encourage to talk of and not hideout from issues like break up. It talks of the bold personality women are capable of embracing and how women can be their powerhouse to each other, helping and building each other to be the best.


With the succour of the song, the singer shows how she attains the courage to recognise a bad relationship and all she is doing to cut it off her life. The song was seen to reflect strong friendship where friends got each other's back. There's often a strong reason to a breakup and the song greatly disapproves getting back together after the couples cut off from a manipulative relationship.


The song was a good one with symphonic rhythmic loop of beats that stands for the self confidence that urges a woman to stand for herself and detach herself from danger, terminates anything that is filling her life with toxicity. Although the song beats enchanted the listeners but dissatisfaction still remains with the video and listeners believe often an unsatisfactory video degrades a song quality to a great extent and mention the video of this song as a classic example if any.


While opinions coincide, the song is successfully ruling the territory with a billion views and millions of likes. The lyric was seen to be relatable to many a woman. Despite the criticism, the song has pulled itself as a remedy and self-empowerment potion to hearts of many listeners.                                                                       
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