Nazrul Academy struggles to continue its activities

Cultural Correspondent | Published: 23:08, May 24,2018 | Updated: 23:17, May 24,2018


A frontal view of Nazrul Academy which is struggling to continue its activities because of fund constraints. — Snigdha Zaman

Nazrul Academy in Bangladesh, formally established on May 25, 1968 to collect and publish Nazrul’s works, is struggling to continue its activities because of fund constraints.
The private organisation, which has played an important role in collecting, preserving and promoting Nazrul’s works, runs its activities with the tuition fees collected from students learning music at the academy and donations made by Nazrul enthusiasts.
Since its founding, the academy has collected, preserved and promoted Nazrul’s writings. So far, the academy has published over 40 journals and 15 books on Kazi Nazrul Islam and 10 books on musical notations of Nazrul songs. The academy has also been honouring eminent Nazrul singers and researchers with Nazrul Academy Padak.
‘It is true that for the last 50 years we have dedicatedly worked to preserve and promote Nazrul’s works. However, we are struggling to run the organisation today,’ said Nazrul Academy general secretary Mintu Rahman.
At present, the academy runs three schools fine arts, music and general education. The academy also publishes a bi-annual magazine and occasionally publishes books on Kazi Nazrul Islam and releases Nazrul albums.
The academy receives an annual allocation of Tk 40,000 from the government, informed Rahman.
‘We very much appreciate the government’s support, though it is very little and has dwindled in the last few decades. Even in the 1980s, the academy received an annual allocation of Tk 80,000’, shared Rahman.
The academy runs three schools. Around 500 students study at the schools.
‘The academy runs its activities with the tuition fees collected from students and donations made by Nazrul enthusiasts’, said academy official Rafiqul Alam.
The music school run by the academy is one of the largest Nazrul music schools in the country. Around 300 students learn Nazrul songs, along with other genres like patriotic and folk songs at the school.
Eminent Nazrul singer Khalid Hossain, who is principal of the music school, shared, ‘Nazrul Academy has long been working to promote Nazrul’s works among students and young singers. At the music school, we teach students Nazrul songs following original musical notations.’
The academy also launched an online TV named Nazrul TV on May 4 marking its golden jubilee. The TV airs programmes featuring Nazrul songs, talk shows on Bangla literature and Kazi Nazrul Islam every Friday.
‘The online TV is getting a positive response from Nazrul enthusiasts. We hope the online TV will continue promoting Kazi Nazrul Islam’s works at home and abroad’, said Rafiqul Alam, a Nazrul Academy member.
We will air old and original records of Nazrul’s songs preserved in our archive on the online TV. The online programmes will benefit young singers, added Alam.

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