Sattyazit depicts horrors of civilisation

Cultural Correspondent | Published: 23:18, Oct 04,2016


Artist Sattyazit Razon has sought to depict the perils and pitfalls of modern civilisation through his abstract paintings that are now on display at the Zainul Gallery in Dhaka University.
Not civilization was built in a day or two; rather it took years and centuries before a civilisation assumed its own distinct identity. The exhibition is built on the premise that today’s civilisation, thought to be more advanced than any other in the past, has brought with it a number of dangers and challenges including war, famine, and so on.
The artist has symbolically presented its negative aspects in his 57 canvases, using an array of mediums such as oil, ink and pen, and mixed media. The paintings are filled with graphic images of skeleton-like figures, human bodies without skin and carcasses, fierce beasts and so on – images that may create a sense of horror in the minds of the viewers.
Putting aside the gruesomeness, however, Sattyazit’s paintings are pretty eye-catching. In one of his paintings, he depicted a group of individuals clad in formal attires but their heads were replaced by their foot in a manner meant to provoke contemplation.
The oil painting, titled ‘Legacy of Hierarchy,’ suggests that people are losing their individuality in face of corporate dominance.
An untitled painting shows a woman lying unconscious in a seabed surrounded by hungry sharks and octopuses, which were apparently used as metaphors for perverts responsible for the culture of rape and molestation in our society.

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