Bangla dubbed foreign serials : TV artistes, producers issue ultimatum for ban

Cultural Correspondent | Published: 23:31, Nov 14,2016


A group of directors, producers and other television professionals has issued an ultimatum to the TV channels to stop broadcasting Bangla-dubbed foreign serials by November 30.

The ultimatum was given by the Federation of Television Professionals Organisation at a programme organised by Media Unity on Sunday.

FTPO, which includes six associations representing a broad spectrum of TV professionals, has already approached several channels to persuade them to refrain from airing foreign serials and has plans to engage all channels in talks on the matter.

Last week, after a meeting with the federation leaders, private television channel ATN Bangla announced that it would not henceforth air any foreign serial.

A few other channels are also considering similar moves, said FTPO member secretary Gazi Rakayet.

‘We hope we will be able to convince all the television channels of the dangers of airing foreign serials,’ he told New Age.

Around 10 Bangla-dubbed foreign serials are currently being aired on different channels including ETV, GTV, Deepto Television, RTV, and Maasranga TV.

Gazi Rakayet argues that with several thousand people depending on the industry for their livelihood, the TV channels cannot go for any ‘whimsical decision’ that would put them in a fix.

The impact of foreign serials has already been felt, he said, with a number of shooting houses as well as directors and actors rendered jobless.

FTPO will hold a protest meeting on November 30 at the Central Shaheed Minar to address these issues and reaffirm its commitment to fighting the invasion of foreign serials.

‘It is high time we addressed these issues, otherwise the industry will face a bleak future,’ said actor-director Mamunur Rashid, convener of FTPO.

‘Foreign serials are a threat to local television industry. Not only do our own productions face an uneven competition from these imported, high-budget serials, the latter are also making our professionals jobless,’ he added.

FTPO was launched on November 6 with Mamunur Rashid, president of Television Programme Producers’ Association, as convener and Gazi Rakayet, president of Directors’ Guild, as member secretary.

The associations that were already affiliated with the federation represent directors, producers, actors and other technical personnel associated with television.

The federation hopes to gradually bring all associations related to the television industry under its banner. 

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