Police must find missing Islamic instructor, associates

Published: 00:00, Jun 16,2021


THE unwillingness of a police station in Dhaka to record a missing person report about an Islamic instructor by the name of Afsanul Haque Adnan who is known as Abu Twaha Muhammad Adnan on social media and three of his associates, who are thought to have gone missing in Dhaka early June 11, and a police station in Rangpur saying that the people in question had their last location, as could be traced from their mobile records, at Elenga in Tangail come with concern. The Darussalam police in Dhaka did not record the report saying that Adnan’s last mobile location was in Rangpur at 3:17pm on June 10 which makes it an affair of the Rangpur police while the Kotwali police in Rangpur, which recorded two missing person reports — one by the family of Adnan and another by the family of who was driving the car — say that the car driver’s family reported him to have been at Elenga about 11:50pm on June 10. Yet again, Adnan’s wife says that her husband shared their last location when they were at Gabtali, near the Aminbazar bridge, in Dhaka when it was about 18 minutes to reach home.

The police station in Dhaka passing the responsibility for finding the missing people onto another police station in Rangpur and the Rangpur police working on the job in a way that purports reluctance make the case a bit complicated especially in view of Adnan’s wife’s claim that her husband and his associates were being followed by motorcycle riders when they were in Rangpur. Besides, Adnan’s family on June 13 said that they had been asked over mobile not to say anything to the media. As the situation suggests, this could well be a case of enforced disappearances, especially in view that cases of enforced disappearance have worryingly continued taking place, although this may not be such a case at all. And it is the responsibility of the police to establish the truth and the whereabouts of the four, who have been missing since June 10–11. It is also the duty of the police — who deter crimes by arresting criminals, investigating crimes and standing offenders in the court of law for a proper justice dispensation — to look into the issue when someone complains of being harassed over mobile. The Amnesty International South Asia, meanwhile, issued a statement on Thursday, and put out a call for the authorities concerned to carry out an expeditious and fair investigation to establish the whereabouts of the four people who went missing.

If the police do not act in earnest in the case in question, it would only add to the impunity of a sort that has created an atmosphere where involuntary disappearances have continued, running affront to the rule of law and running counter to people’s right to life and personal liberty. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the government to sincerely act in the case in question and ask the police to behave in carrying out their mandated duty.

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