Review of Journey by Cinema (Dhaka-Kolkata in new route) by Faridul Ahasan Shourav

Sanjana Kabir Anandi | Published: 00:00, May 09,2021


Published in the Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2021, this book critically looks at fifty different movies in fifty chapters. Faridul Ahasan Shourav is a talented filmmaker and journalist, the book is very moderate, and it reflects his skills and understanding. He has chosen diverse movies to review so it won’t be a boring journey for the readers. Sanjana Kabir Anandi reviews the book

A journey is always a pleasing experience. It enhances our acquaintance and also helps us to learn new things. The book Journey by Cinema (Dhaka-Kolkata in new route) is a journey of knowing about some movies, not just about the story, here the writer has also given his thoughts on behind the scene. Each of the chapters is like a stoppage of the journey and inspires you more to go to the next.

As an avid movie lover of every genre, when I heard about the book, I was very eager to read this. Fifty chapters are criticising fifty different films. The writer has talked about the director, cinematographer, sound, script and actors. The criticisms are made from a neutral position; it helps the reader to know about the movie in a very interesting way.

There are some movies that I haven’t watched; after reading those chapters, I felt like watching the movie instantly. The writer has described each film so beautifully that it creates a connection. There are also some movies that I have watched earlier, but after reading the book, I want to watch them again.

As many thoughts about the films have matched with the writer, some have not. The book has opened a new way to the movies. Earlier I would have watched a movie and may not have noticed many details, but from now on, after reading the book, I will surely notice them.

I loved the way how most of the chapters starts; the description of the story didn’t spoil the movie at all; instead, it made the reader more willing to watch the movie. From minor detailing of the shots to the direction, how the camera has focused, the book talked about the frame composition and not the least about the actors.

The chapters are very informative and lively. The way of talking about the movie is so lovely that I could imagine the characters or the scene in front of my eyes. The thrill and suspense of the movies are kept undisturbed. Nothing excessive is there in the book. The book has made me emotional in various way through the journey at every stoppage. Most of the chapters are interesting; they have different colours of their own.

Certain things can be made better, such as sometimes talking about the movie there was a change of tack, but the track was again achieved after a short time. There was a typing mistake in the book in one of the chapters; I couldn’t ignore this. Also, some phrases were written in Bengali, which was mainly in English, I would prefer them in their dialect.

The book is full of interesting and inquisitive topics about the relative movies. It will help the readers to further choose movies in such a manner that will not only give entertainment and also something to think about. The way of enjoying movies will be changed; it will open more ways to enjoy the movies and criticise them and the ability to choose good movies. The book can be read anytime during the day, and it will give immense pleasure and more than one time. After reading once and watching the movies, reading the book again is very pleasant.

The cover page of the book gives the reader a hint of knowing something new about the light, camera and action. The book doesn’t disappoint the readers. The colour and the composition are very soothing to the eyes. But I would like if the pages were white like the cover or the cover more yellowish than the inside pages. Otherwise, it was overall good.

The writer has managed to keep the interest throughout the book; after finishing one chapter there is a thrill of what will be the next movie. As the writer, Faridul Ahasan Shourav himself is a talented filmmaker and journalist, the book is very moderate, and it reflects his skills and understanding. He has chosen diverse movies to review so it won’t be a boring journey for the readers. The writer has chosen very familiar words to describe. Nothing unnecessary was there. So, it was very refreshing to read.

I enjoyed reading the book; it has unbolted a new way to watch movies and criticise them. I want to recommend the book to every movie lover who wants to experience something new and different in movies and also to the book lovers who appreciate good books. The art film lovers may find this book very satisfactory, and it will fulfil their thirst. All should have this book on their shelf.

In the end, I want to congratulate the writer on this fantastic book. I am eagerly waiting for his new book and of course a movie made by him.

Sanjana Kabir Anandi is an architecture student at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.

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