Mobile subscribers may face 16-hour disruption

Staff Correspondent | Published: 18:36, Mar 31,2021


Subscribers of the mobile phone operators may face interruption in making voice calls and accessing mobile data for 16 hours in two phases in April.

In the first phase, the subscribers will face disruption from 11:00 pm on April 1 to 7:00 am on April 2.

Afterwards, the telecom services will be interrupted from 11:00 pm on April 7 to 7:00 am on April 8.

A statement of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission issued on Wednesday mentioned that the rearrangement of the newly allocated spectrum along with the existing spectrum to the telecom operators after the auction held on March 8, 2021, as the reason for it.

On March 8, the commission auctioned a 7.4 Megahertz spectrum from the 1800 MHz band and another 20 MHz from the 2100 MHz band.

For eight hours starting from April 1, the spectrum from the 1800 MHz band would be rearranged and that would result in technical problems in generating phone calls or data usage.

For eight hours starting on April 7, the subscribers may face technical difficulty in accessing telecom services due to the rearrangement of the spectrum in the 2100 MHz band.

The telecom regulator regretted the temporary inconvenience of the telecom subscribers.  

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