SB quizzes Kalpana Chakma’s brother on her whereabouts

Staff Correspondent | Published: 00:48, Feb 17,2021


The special branch of the Rangamati district police on Tuesday interrogated a brother of Kalpana Chakma, the woman leader who was allegedly abducted about 24 years ago, to find out about her current whereabouts.

‘An officer of the district special branch questioned me on whether we have any information on the current location of Kalpana Chakma,’ Kalindi Kumar Chakma, a brother of the Hill Women’s Federation leader told New Age over phone.

‘The officer wanted to know whether she is alive and living in the country,’ he said.

‘The officer also wanted to know whether we had any information of an attempt by a woman called Kalpana Chakma in Mizoram for obtaining Indian citizenship and identity card,’ he said, adding that the police personnel talked to him for more than half an hour starting from 2.30pm on Tuesday.

Kalindi, a farmer, said he said to the police officer that they had no information about Kalpana Chakma since her disappearance about 24 years ago.

When contacted over phone, sub-inspector Matiur Rahman of the district special branch of the police admitted that he talked to Kalindi Chakma at the residence of Baghaichhari union parishad chairman Sunil Bihari Chakma.

Matiur said that he talked to Kalindi to verify some ‘information forwarded in a paper’ by his superior on Kalpana Chakma.

Kalindi replied that he would be happy ‘to get his sister back no matter where she is at present,’ said Matiur.  

The police officer, however, declined providing any detailed information mentioned in the paper.

When asked whether they had provided the same information on Kalpana Chakma to the court, the police officer said he was responsible for only verifying the information.

On June 12, 1996, Kalpana, the then Hill Women’s Federation organising secretary, was picked up reportedly by three men from her house at New Lalyaghona of Baghaichari in Rangamati several hours before the seventh national elections.    

Kalindi, now 50, is the plaintiff in the case filed with Baghaichari police station after the abduction.

Three probes involving 39 investigation officers in the last 24 years have neither seen success in identifying the perpetrators nor revealed anything about her whereabouts.

The family alleged that none interrogated the suspects — the then Lieutenant Ferdous Kaisar Khan, VDP member Nurul Huq and police constable Saleh Ahmed as the family members believed that had any of the investigators interrogated the three, the facts about Kalpana would have emerged long ago.

The police submitted the final report on September 7, 2016, closing the investigation, stating that there was no evidence for bringing the accused to justice.

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