The Nosy Landlord

Faria Rashid | Published: 00:00, Jan 10,2021


This is a tale of a nosy landlord.

Who pokes his nose in all your businesses, over and over again.

From the time you started to rent his place, you became his prime interest.

‘Are you married?’ ‘No? Then how your needs are met?’

‘Is that your real age on your passport?’ ‘Ah, you’re my youngest daughter’s age! But I won’t stop sending you the useless texts.’

‘Is that the company you actually work for?’ ‘I think I know your boss’

‘Were you living abroad?’ ‘I bet you know nothing about this country at all.’

‘Keep the volume of your speakers low’ ‘Give some extra cash to the securities below’

‘No man can stay overnight’ ‘Wait, who’s that guy there in broad daylight?’

‘Where’s your family?’ ‘Don’t you feel lonely?’

‘How do your parents feel about it?’ ‘Any reputed family will ever permit this?’

‘Be polite with the impolite guards’ ‘(don’t you understand your position as a solo female dweller?!)’

‘Better not to have guests coming over.’ ‘But if I don’t see your social network, then how I would know what personal references to consider!’

To have a social life or not to have — that’s a dilemma you need to navigate.

You better get used to the questions and comments, as they will keep coming like rockets and bullets.

Going out or coming in — rooftop, garage, staircase, or elevator — all are great opportunities to interrogate.

The nosy landlord always has something to share, that’s always the new information about you that he just discovered.

That’s called stalking. But what can you do in a country that barely cares?

How to respond and how much to say — thoughts like that are going to take your peace away.

Saari is too mature, while pants are too western. Kamiz is okay if the scarf is worn in the right way.

Nosy landlord won’t believe in what you say, no matter what proof comes on the way.

Their excuse is the baggage they are carrying, as one tenant in 1980 was lying.

When you propose: ‘for the peace of mind, let’s check records of my health and crime?’

‘No, no, I don’t have that time.’

But the nosy landlord isn’t your friend in need. You’re helping them to make money indeed.

The house is rented to a solo female occupant, with no sensibility to interact with a woman.

The ‘uncle’ doesn’t understand — a woman who can save herself in this country alone; doesn’t need your advice to conquer the throne.

Faria Rashid is a human rights activist, advocating for women empowerment, gender equity and refugee rights. She is a seeker, learning to temper her enthusiasm. Faria is fascinated for the outer space, old buildings, museums and beaches.

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