Capital punishment is not enough to end rape

YOUTH DESK | Published: 00:00, Oct 25,2020 | Updated: 23:35, Oct 24,2020


The government sets the death penalty for rape as a move to pacify protesters demanding an end to the rape culture. New Age Youth asks students to reflect on the issue

Tarek Aziz Bappi

University of Dhaka

NO. I don't think this will bring any effective change. This is nothing but a hanging radish to pacify the raging protests. In a system where justice is nothing but a daydream for the people with different views and people with no political power, a legal amendment can do nothing.

As it’s now crystal clear that the judiciary is not free from the executive that’s why if the government had the honest motif to ensure justice they could do that long ago even with the existing provisions.

Hence, as everything is about politics, so the politics must be amended first and the mass people of this nation have to do that amendment through replacing the existing leviathan misgovernment with an elected, pro-people and welfare centric one.

Only then we can hope to get justice otherwise getting justice will cry in the wilderness as it is now.

Md Shafiqul Islam

Jahangirnagar University

LAW does not help you until the crime is committed, or in other words, the law does not protect a woman from being raped. The question is can the harsh punishment of the rapist be compensation for the rape?  The answer is we all know that the trial of a rapist can never be a compensation for rape.

In the on-going anti-rape movement, there has also been a demand for rapist execution.  But if we review the verdict in the Nirvaya case in Delhi, we will see that even after hearing the death sentence, some of the accused were indifferent. Clearly, even execution verdict did not evoke the slightest remorse in the minds of the rapists.

Moreover, the way in which the criminals are given benefits in exchange for money inside the jail also reduces the fear of punishment among the criminals. A new law has to be enacted for the rapist, a law that the rapist has to survive with very difficult consequences. Then other criminals in the society will be scared to see the convicted surviving rapist.

Prevention is better than cure. Rather than a rape trial, Bangladesh should take steps to stop rape. So that no criminal can jump on a woman to commit violence, social resistance must be built. Wherever witness incidents of sexual violence, they must try to resist.

However, strict measures should be taken to ensure that women-friendly laws do not become a weapon of male oppression.  If a false allegation is made, the same punishment for the rapist of the complainant has to be ensured.

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