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YOUTH DESK | Published: 00:00, Oct 04,2020


The COVID-19 crisis has shown serious economic impacts. Parents of students are also facing economic hardship which is curbing their spending ability on children’s education. Besides, as all the educational institutes are conducting online classes, their operational costs have reduced significantly and many students think it is unethical to charge the same amount of tuition fees at this moment. Students share their thoughts on this with New Age Youth

Tarek Aziz Bappi

University of Dhaka

AS NO university is running classes on campus at this moment because of the pandemic situation; that is why I think there is no point of taking full tuition fees from the students.

So far I heard that some universities have already taken steps to waive tuition fees even though a small portion of it. That is good news for the students. All of us know that students are stranded in this situation.

On the one hand, many have lost their part-time jobs and other income sources. On the other hand, their families’ income sources have also dried up or reduced significantly creating serious hardship for the family.

Hence, considering the overall scenario, university authorities should come forward with a kind heart and humanistic approach.

The government should give clear instruction to the university authorities regarding this otherwise the uncertainty will linger much longer.

Md Shafiqul Islam

Jahangirnagar University

THE COVID-19 situation has created a serious financial crisis around the world and Bangladesh is also experiencing it. A large number of people have lost their jobs because of the pandemic.

National think tank institute the SANEM said, about 6-12 million people have already lost their jobs in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in Bangladesh. A huge portion of city dwellers has reverse-migrated from Dhaka. People are struggling to earn bread for their family members; many people are drying up their savings too.

Therefore, under such conditions, pressurising parents for their children’s tuition fees are inhumane. It must be flexible according to parents’ income. Parents who are capable of paying the full amount will pay now and parents who aren’t capable will pay later or should be waived.

Bangladesh Students Union and other student organisations held a human chain in the capital on May 9, for waiving the tuition fees for at least the upcoming semester; guardians of school-going children also demanded a 50 per cent waiver on tuition fees.

It’s quite logical to demand something like this as people’s income declined. The amount of Tuition fees in English medium schools and private universities is very high. Most of the students of these institutions belong to either mid-income or lower mid-income family. Pandemic has shaken their economic status too. A large number of students don’t know how they will pay the tuition fee to save their studentship. Education authorities should be engaged to solve this problem.

As institutions are not capable of taking physical classes, it is illogical to demand utility charges from the students. All types of lab charges must be waived. Campus maintenance charges must be waived.

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