Weekly COVID-19 test positivity rate 16-week low in Bangladesh

Manzur H Maswood | Published: 16:55, Sep 05,2020 | Updated: 11:08, Sep 06,2020


COVID-19 test positivity rate in the 26th week of infection was 15.89 per cent, lowest in the past 16 weeks.

The downward trend of test positivity rate continued for the past five weeks in a row.

Bangladesh passed 26th week of COVID-19 infection on Saturday, tallying so far 3,23,565 cases with 4,447 deaths, according to the Directorate General of Health Services.

In the past 24 hours ending at 8:00am Saturday, 35 more COVID-19 patients died and 1,950 more cases were detected across the country, DGHS said in a release.

According to the DGHS data, a low test positivity rate than that of the 26th week was recorded on the 10th week of infections (May 10-16), with 14.16 per cent of positivity. 

The week after (11th), positivity rate was 16.45 per cent and since then the rate never dropped to as low as 15.89 per cent, which was recorded on the 26th week (August 30 to September 5).

Over the last five weeks, test positivity rate was on a declining trend, dropping from 23.85 per cent on the 22nd week to 21.08 per cent on the 23rd week, 20.06 per cent on the 24th week, 17.35 per cent in the 25th week and 15.89 per cent in the 26th week.

The overall test positivity rate is now 20 per cent, which is one of the highest in the world.

DGHS on Saturday said that 12,847 samples were tested in the past 24 hours and 15.18 per cent or 1,950 were found positive for COVID-19.

In the 26th week, 92,143 samples were tested and 14,640 of them found positive for COVID-19.

Virologist Nazrul Islam said that it could not be said that the country’s situation improved and added that the continuation of the trend of declining positivity rate for few more weeks would determine if the fate of country, whether it would head towards a better situation.

World Health Organisation’s former regional adviser Muzaherul Huq explained that the decline in positivity rate below 10 per cent would appear as a sign of relief and with less than 5 per cent positivity rate would be called as controlled situation.

DGHS data showed that with 35 more deaths in the past 24 hours, the week’s death toll was 241, including eight deaths occurring at home.

The case fatality rate was 1.65 per cent in the 26th week, which was down from 1.83 per cent from the 25th week.

The overall case fatality rate is now 1.37 per cent, which is low compared to the global rate of over 3.3 per cent.

Most of the COVID-19 deaths in the country are taking place at the patients’ homes.

Since May 17, at least 626 COVID-19 patients died at home and 31 died on the way to hospitals, accounting 14.77 per cent of the total COVID-19 deaths occurring outside hospitals.

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