Trump escorted out of briefing as man shot near White House

Agence France-Presse . Washington | Published: 01:27, Aug 12,2020


US Secret Service agents shot and wounded a man who was apparently armed outside the White House on Monday, president Donald Trump said, after being briefly whisked away in the middle of a press conference.

A 51-year-old male approached a Secret Service officer standing at the corner of 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, one block from the White House, according to Tom Sullivan, the chief of the Secret Service Uniformed Division.

The suspect told the officer he had a weapon and ran ‘aggressively’ towards him, drawing an object out of his clothes, Sullivan said in a statement that was broadcast on Twitter.

He then assumed a ‘shooter’s stance’ as if he intended to fire, whereupon the Secret Service officer shot him in the torso, Sullivan added.

Officers on the scene administered first aid, and emergency medical services were called. Both the suspect and the officer were taken to hospital.

‘The Secret Service Office of Professional Responsibility will be conducting an internal review of the officer’s actions,’ Sullivan said, adding the DC Metropolitan Police Department had been contacted.

As the president was speaking to reporters in the White House briefing room, a Secret Service bodyguard abruptly approached him and interrupted, saying in a quiet voice, ‘Sir, could you please come with me?’

Trump and staff members left. Doors to the briefing room, still filled with journalists, were locked.

Outside, black-clad Secret Service agents with automatic rifles could be seen rushing across the lawn and took up positions behind trees. According to Fox News, whose camera team was outside, two shots were heard.

Minutes later, Trump reappeared at the press conference and announced that someone had been shot by the Secret Service outside the White House grounds.

‘Law enforcement shot someone, it seems to be the suspect. And the suspect is on the way to the hospital,’ he said.

Trump, a Republican who faces a tough and bitterly divisive election on November 3, said he knew nothing about the identity or motives of the person shot. ‘It might not have had anything to do with me,’ he said.

There was no immediate precise information on what sort of threat the person allegedly posed.

But when asked if the person had been armed, Trump answered: ‘From what I understand, the answer is yes.’

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