Rajanikanta Sen remembered

Rakib Hasan | Published: 22:03, Jul 27,2020


Artistes render songs of Rajanikanta Sen in a virtual programmme organised by Bangladesh Sangeet Sangathan Samannay Parishad on Sunday.

Artistes paid tribute to late renowned lyricist, composer and poet Rajanikanta Sen in a virtual programme organised by Bangladesh Sangeet Sangathan Samannay Parishad on Sunday.

The programme, titled ‘Tumi Nirmal Karo Mangal Kare’, was arranged marking the 155th birth anniversary of Rajanikanta Sen.

Artistes rendered Rajanikanta Sen’s songs addressing patriotism, human relationship, devotion and others at the programme which was streamed live on the Facebook page of Bangladesh Sangeet Sangathan Samannay Parishad at 7:30pm.

Music teacher at Chhayanaut Atm Jahangir, music producer and enlisted artiste at Bangladesh Betar and Bangladesh Television Shimu Dey and prominent Nazrul Sangeet singer Debasis Byapari performed at the programme, anchored by Mahmud Selim.

Atm Jahangir commenced the programme rendering the song Tumi nirmal karo mangal kare. Besides, he sang Dhir samire chanchal nire, Jagao pathike o se ghume acheton and Preme jal haye jao gale.

Shimu Dey sang Tumi amar antasthaler khabar jano, Ami dekhechhi jiban bhare, Tabo charano nimne and Sakha tomare paile.

Debasis Byapari sang Rajanikanta’s melodious song Ami akriti adham along with Ami swapane tahare kuraye peyechhi, Keno banchito habo charan and a romantic song Ami to tomare chahini jibane.

Besides, artistes shared their thoughts on Rajanikanta Sen.

‘Rajanikanta Sen’s songs have unique characteristics. His devotional and patriotic songs highlight his love for the country. Besides, he also composed romantic and satirical songs. He has enriched Bangla music treasure trove with his timeless creations. He will live on through his songs in the hearts of music lovers. The younger generation should follow in his footsteps,’ said Atm Jahangir.

‘Rajanikanta had penned many songs inspired by diverse genres including Kirtan, Baul, Ramprasadi and Panchali. He also composed many songs based on the “Mishra Raga”. He established himself as a poet when he was only 15. Every year we celebrate his birth anniversary at his birthplace but this year we could not organise anything due to the COVID-19 outbreak. I thank Bangladesh Sangeet Sangathan Samannay Parishad for arranging this virtual event,’ mentioned Shimu Dey.

‘Rajanikanta Sen eloquently used different ragas to portray the beauty of nature, human relationship, devotion to God, patriotism and others. It’s our responsibility to preserve his works. Steps should be taken to promote his works among the younger generation,’ pointed out Mahmud Selim.

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