Reading habit vital for unleashing children’s imagination

Dhrubo Sadiq | Published: 22:05, Jul 23,2020


Anandamayee Majumder

Poet-translator and author of several children’s books Anandamayee Majumder said that the habit of reading can help children unleash their imagination and potential. Besides, reading stimulates brain development and ensures that the children will grow up as enlightened citizens.

‘Children’s books can unleash children’s imagination and help them become conscious about the country and society. Besides, children’s literature plays an effective role in shaping the way children and adolescents think and can steer them on a creative and enlightened path. Though there are many litterateurs in our country, not everyone can pen children’s books,’ Anandamayee Majumder told New Age.

‘I still remember the children’s magazine “Sandesh”. It was first published by Upendrakishore Ray and in the hands of Sukumar, Satyajit, Leela Majumder, Nalini Das and others the magazine secured a firm place in the hearts of children. I used to read this magazine as a child. There are hardly any prominent writers who have not written in that magazine. I don’t think there exists any quality children’s literary magazine nowadays.’ added Anandamayee Majumder.

‘Books of different genres including arts, history, geography, science and others can help children find their calling and unleash their potentials,’ she mentioned.

Anandamayee Majumder’s children’s book ‘Maa-belar Diary’ was published from BPL at Ekushey Book Fair 2020. She penned the book from her own experiences as a mother. She wrote another story book for children called ‘Halde Kutum Pakhi, Lal Gubre Chhana’, which was also published from BPL. Besides, she has translated ‘The Little Prince’, a novella by French aristocrat, writer, and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and some other books.

When asked about her recent ventures, she mentioned, ‘I am currently writing a story and helping my son translate two books.’

Children have been seriously affected by the COVID-19 outbreak as schools have been shut down. Besides, they cannot go outside to play with peers. When asked to share her thoughts on the matter, she suggested, ‘I urge parents to reduce the academic pressure on children and encourage them to pursue creative activities. They can be encouraged to translate their favourite books. If they do this, they will become proficient in two languages. I think that children’s books can be translated better by the children themselves. They can also try their hand at gardening as that will make them curious about nature. Children can also spend time drawings, singing and reading poems.’

‘We have to try our best to make negative thoughts leave our mind and create a pleasant environment at home for the children,’ she ended.

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