Chattogram-based artistes entertain poem lovers

Rakib Hasan | Published: 22:44, Jul 21,2020


Chattogram-based artistes perform in a virtual recitation show organised by Chattogram Abritti Charcha Kendra on Monday.

Young recitation artistes from different districts under Chattogram division entertained poem lovers reciting poems of leading poets at a virtual show held on Monday night.

Artistes from recitation troupes namely Shobdnongor Abritti Sangathan, Noakhali Abritti Academy, Suchayan Lalitkala Academy and Chattogram Abritti Charcha Kendra participated in the programme titled ‘Supta Prane Kabitar Chho(n)ya¬- 27’.

Chattogram Abritti Charcha Kendra organised the event, which was streamed live on the Facebook page of the troupe at 8:00pm.

Chattogram Abritti Charcha Kendra president Ehteshamul Hoque presided over the event, hosted by recitation artiste Kaushik Dutta.

Kishowar Shaogat, artiste of Noakhali Abritti Academy, commenced the programme reciting Nirmalendu Goon’s poem ‘Ami Jeno Kobitay Sheikh Mujiber Katha Boli’ marking the birth centenary of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Besides, she recited Tarapada Roy’s poem ‘Daridryo Rekha’ and others.

Sudeshna Chowdhury, artiste of Chattogram Abritti Charcha Kendra, recited Joy Goswami›s poem ‘Hash’, Subodh Sarkar’s poem ‘Shari’ and others.

Amita Barua, artiste of Suchayan Lalitkala Acaademy, recited Jibanananda Das›s ‘Ei Jol Bhalo Lage’, ‘Sristikortar Ashirbader Protik Nari’ and others.

Shobdonongor Abritti Sangathan artiste Sanjay Dhar recited ‘Dam Diye Kinechi Bangla’, ‘Bhalobashi Bolei To’ and others.

‘Poems have the power to touch people’s hearts. Poems can refresh and enlighten us and help us relax amid the COVID-19 outbreak. We organised this virtual programme to provide recitation artistes a platform to showcase their talents. I hope the audiences have enjoyed the event,’ said Ehteshamul Hoque.

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