Pathao co-founder Fahim murdered in New York

Diplomatic Correspondent | Published: 09:53, Jul 15,2020 | Updated: 00:02, Jul 16,2020


Fahim Saleh

Bangladeshi app-based ridesharing service Pathao co-founder Fahim Saleh was brutally murdered in his New York apartment. He was 33.

The New York police recovered his decapitated and dismembered body in plastic bags next to an electric saw on Tuesday afternoon, according to The New York Times, New York Post and Daily News.    

Police arrived at the grisly scene at about 3:30pm after getting phone calls at 911 from a female cousin of Fahim requesting local authorities to check his apartment.

New York Police Department spokesperson sergeant Carlos Nieves said all the body parts were found at the scene.

‘We have a torso, a head that’s been removed, arms, and legs...We don’t have a motive,’ he said, according to Daily News.

The victim’s cousin reportedly found his torso exposed in the living room alongside the construction bags when she went to check on him on Tuesday after not hearing from him.

Local police believe that it was a targeted murder by a professional killer because almost no blood was left behind and the apartment was not looted.  

Fahim, a millionaire tech entrepreneur, was listed as the owner of the posh Manhattan apartment, which he purchased last year for about US$2.25 million.

It was a 10-storey building with glass-and-brick structure, which is among the high-end residential buildings that have risen in the area in recent years.

He was last seen on surveillance footage of the apartment at about 1:40pm, when he entered the building’s elevator, which opened into his seventh-floor apartment.  

The footage appears to show the suspected killer was waiting with bag to enter the elevator with Fahim. He gave the suspect a puzzled look during an exchange as they ride up together.

Fahim was possibly first attacked soon after he walked into his floor and fell immediately, possibly after being shot, according to reports.

Police were later seen questioning the victim’s cousin in the lobby of the building.

Local residents found the murder upsetting because it took place in what is typically a quiet neighborhood. The area saw the last killing in 2015.

‘We used to call him the Elon Musk of the developing world. He was like the Energiser bunny,’ a longtime friend told the New York Post.

Fahim, a Bangladeshi-American website developer-turned-venture capitalist, had over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience at the age of 33, according to his LinkedIn page.

His first company in high school generated over one million dollars in revenue. After college, he taught himself how to programme and started KickBack Apps, garnering over 22 million downloads.

Fahim, a Bentley University graduate, co-founded Pathao, the first motorcycle ridesharing company in Bangladesh, in 2015, which is valued over US$100 million. 

He founded another on-demand motorcycle ride-sharing company Gokado as CEO in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2018. But he faced setbacks as the Lagos authorities banned companies like this in January.

He also launched Adventure Capital, a venture capital firm, in New York in 2018.

Pathao’s lead manager Sayeda Nabila Mahbub could not be reached for comments.

Osman Saleh, an executive of Pathao, communicated on her behalf, the official message saying that they, at Pathao, were shocked at the sudden death of its co-founder.

Fahim was the only son of Bangladeshi-American Saleh Ahmed, a software consultant at IBM. He left behind his parents and retinue of followers to mourn his death.

Tributes have continued to pour in to mourn the death of Gokada CEO Fahim Saleh, according to The Guardian.

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