BGB finds report in Indian newspaper malicious

Diplomatic Correspondent | Published: 21:29, Jul 10,2020 | Updated: 00:38, Jul 11,2020


The Border Guard Bangladesh said on Friday that a report published in the Anandabazar Patrika, a Bangla newspaper published from Kolkata in India, on July 7 with a headline ‘Bangladeshi in unprotected lands’ was baseless, cooked-up and malicious.

It is impossible for Bangladesh people to go to remote Indian lands for cultivation as border guards stationed in Rajshahi have been patrolling along the zero-line of the bordering areas round the clock, the BGB said in a release protesting at the news.

In fact, at about 11:30am on July 2, two Indian smugglers, Nayan Sheikh and Shahidul Sheeikh of Jolongi area, illegally crossed the border and engaged in brawl with Bangladesh citizens in Yusufpur village over monetary transactions involving drugs smuggling. Local people surrounded them inside Bangladesh.

Getting clue from sources, a border guard unit rushed to the village and took Indian citizens Nayan and Shahidul in custody for their safety.

At about noon on the same day, an Indian Border Security Force team illegally crossed the border and entered about 300 metres inside Bangladesh. The BSF team forcibly took three innocent Bangladeshi farmers who were returning home from their agricultural lands inside Bangladesh.              

The BGB and the BSF, however, held a flag meeting on the same day. Both sides resolved the problem with peacefully handing citizens to their respective sides. 

The news in the Anandabazar Patrika might be published to hide adverse situation created between the BSF units and local Indian Muslim people, collection of tolls by the BSF from local fishermen and failure of the BSF units to manage situations locally, said the release.

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