Conspiracy against Hefazat not to be tolerated: Shafi

Staff Correspondent . Chattogram | Published: 01:59, Jul 08,2020


Hefazat-e-Islam ameer Ahmad Shafi in a press statement on Tuesday said that no conspiracy would be tolerated against Hefazat.

The statement was sent by Hefazat publicity secretary Anas Madani, also son of Shafi.

In the press statement he said that Hefazat was established to protect Islam and to spread its spirit. When the nonbelievers of Islam tried to disgrace the religion and gave derogatory speech against Allah and the Prophet (pbuh), Hefazat protested.

Hefazat would protest again if anyone talks against Islam.

He said that Hefazat is not a political party. It is not an enemy or friend of the ruling government. But some have been trying to take Hefazat in the role of opposition party.

They tried to defame me and my son many times, said the press statement on Tuesday.

Their main goal is to weaken Islam and to destroy the image of Hefazat.

As Ahmad Shafi’s physical condition deteriorated many times in recent years a debate sparked who would be the successor of Shafi.

As per the demand, Majlish–e-Shura Committee arranged a meeting on June 17 where they declared Sheikh Ahmed as the acting director of Al-Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Ulum Moinul Islam, popularly known as Hathazari Madrassah.

It also decided that till death Ahmad Shafi, he would continue to serve as the director general of Hathazari Madrassah.

The committee omitted Zunayed Babunagari form all posts including assistant director.

Babunagari’s termination rose huge chaos in social media among the Islamic thinkers and students of Hathazari Madrassah. Most of them alleged that Shafi’s son Anas Madani pushed Babunagari away from the madrassah and published it in media as the decision of Shafi.

They said as Shafi is sick and his son is using him. He has been trying to defame Babunagari tagging him the agent of Jamaat-e-Islam.

Shafi is the rector of Hathazari Madrassah and also the chairman of Bangladesh Qawmi Madrasah Education Board.

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