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Sadia Tahsin | Published: 00:00, Jul 05,2020 | Updated: 13:13, Jul 05,2020

Sadia Tahsin, Co-Learn, Interactive Cares

With a view to offer the students and young professionals to groom themselves according to the demands of the post-covid job market, Interactive Cares has organised a series of webinars, writes Sadia Tahsin

THE current pandemic, COVID-19 outbreak, has presented itself as an unconventional high to improve oneself in terms of special skills to make a place for themselves in the job market, for students and young professionals alike. The post-pandemic job market seems daunting to say the least when it will come to recruiting, and with that in mind, Interactive Cares decided to conduct a series of webinars on various skills called ‘Co-Learn’.

Interactive Cares is country’s first ever cloud and artificial intelligence, popularly known as AI, based platform for e-learning, health, mental health and legal service to the customers through real time communication. Through this website, people can easily register and search experts for those four mentioned services. They can directly chat, voice call and video call with them.

Moreover, there will be virtual whiteboard, automated prescription system for the experts. This is completely new in our country. Through this, experts can serve individual or group people irrespective of locations and time. Through using virtual whiteboard, experts can easily make understand things to the user by touching and using the whiteboard features on the screen. They can write things there to make the session easier.

Automated prescription will make service easier for the doctors and patients. There will also be open question asking platform where people can ask for their queries and get replies from the experts. They will get academic resources like books, solutions, notes, creative illustrations and can download those free of cost. The official website is

With a vision to extend the offerings regionally and globally, Interactive Cares is ready to move. Through these webinars, Interactive Cares will try to show the various strategies of developing youths’ personal skills for making a difference in the job sector.

Despite the free cost, the webinars will be taken by specialists in the market who have made a name for themselves through their hard work and brilliant skills, and now want to pass on their knowledge to the young professionals and students of the present. The sessions will be conducted on Zoom and also shared through Facebook Live. All participants of the webinars will receive certificates too.

There will be 15 webinars on the various skills such as, introduction to JavaScript, personal branding, case solving, negotiation skills, interview skills, growth mind-set, photography, curriculum vitae writing, communication and networking, creative writing, entrepreneurship, presentation skills, leadership, YouTube-ing and content creation, and the art of pitching.

The guest speakers for the webinars will be Sumit Saha, co-founder of Analyzen, Zafir Shafiee Chowdhury, co-founder of Singularity Limited and Bondstein Technologies, Rakib Ibnay Hossain, brand manager at British American Tobacco, Nahian Rahman Rochi, senior corporate finance manager at British American Tobacco, Ghulam Sumdany Don, chief executive officer of Don Sumdany Facilitation and Consultancy, Rafsan Sabab Khan, senior strategic planner at Grey and co-founder of What A Show, Md Sohan Haider, CEO of Smartifer Academy, Shouvik Ahmed, brand ambassador of Banglalink Digital Communications Limited, Tausif Ahmed, manager at Standard Chartered Bank Limited, Prito Reza, founder of Wedding Diaries, Kingkhor Ahsan, creative writer, Sadman Sadik, chief content creator of 10 Minute School, Md Saimum Hossain CFA, assistant professor at Dhaka University, co-founder of Geeky Social and founder of BluKonsult GLOBAL, Sayem Faruk, co-founder of Alpha Catering, Bijon Islam, co-founder and CEO of Light Castle Partners. 

Hosted by Sumaiya Afrin Ahona, who is a host of Ekushey Television, Nagorik TV and Radio Today FM 89.6, the series of webinars have started from June 18, and will be continuing until August 30 with around two webinars hosted every week.

So far, there have been more than five thousand participants, and each of the sessions have more than ten thousand views with a total reach of five lacs people. Co-Learn is currently affiliated with more than 20 universities with around 100 campus ambassadors.

The CEO of Interactive Cares, Rare Al Samir, thinks that Co-Learn would help the youth to develop the skills for facing the challenges in the job market for this pandemic situation and he hope that the initiative would contribute to solve this issue.

Sadia Tahsin is a content writer of Interactive Cares.

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