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Hafizur Rahman Khan Tanjim | Published: 21:25, Jun 24,2020


Online Event Management and Charity Organisation is a youth charity platform. The organisation has arranged a 15-day long competition on public speaking. Hafizur Rahman Khan Tanjim writes about the competition and the organisation

ONLINE Public Speaking Competition is an online platform based competition where the participants are going to show their power of expression through their words of wisdom. It is basically a 15-day long event which will be taking place after certain intervals of time. The event has two criteria for language, the first one is the mother tongue Bangla and the second one is English. We promote the essence of both.

The first round of the event will be based on a particular topic which will be provided five days before the competition will start. So, the participants are going to have a long time for preparing themselves and delivering the speech. They will be taking a video of their speech and send it to a particular drive link where the videos are going to be judged.

Judgement will be based on four criteria — presentation and deliverance, content and creativity, communication and interaction and finally camera angle and the stability of internet. The speeches will be of three minutes.

For the second round, there will be different spontaneous topics which will be provided one day before the second round. The timing will be also three minutes long. The top 10 of both Bangla and English participants are going to compete for the grand finale.

About online public speaking
ARRANGING competitions or conferences on online public speaking is a very tough job to handle, not only because it needs proper motives, but also because of the technical issues people have to face. Overcoming the barriers, Online Event Management and Charity Organisation is trying to arrange such competitions or conferences on online public speaking though such initiative is not an established thing in our country yet. However, the initiative is into practice and hope that very soon it will take the attention of many people and thus deem itself as a core platform.

It is basically conducted via an online website or a video conference room. Most of the people prefer Facebook and Zoom as the most relevant and friendly platforms. Some keep the form of being ‘online’ in real sense and some do not. Some hosts ask to send videos to a particular group and then judge where some take it live.

During this pandemic period, while the students and the youths are sitting at their homes having quite nothing to do, we think it is the best time to master the art of public speaking. Because at the end of the day, public speaking really matters. Public speaking will make you a person of integrity and will create a link between you and your inner-selves. It will mould you into someone who really knows her/his words and can put them in arguments in real life scenarios. It will make an individual tactical, spontaneous and a master of words. After all, the power of words is unimaginable.

Moreover, hosting a public speaking competition is hard, most of the times the criteria are not met. However, a public speaking competition, whether it is good or not, is judged by the quality of participants, the active judges and the collaboration team. With a successful competition a new day comes for the participants and the competitors, making the next of their days even more fruitful. Furthermore, s/he qualifies herself/himself as a true human being. 


ONLINE Event Management and Charity Organisation is a youth charity organisation. The aim of OEMACO is to extend its hands towards the helpless, needy people of our country. We believe in the youth abilities. So, we arrange events to boost the creative entity of the youth because they are the future.

To be precise, we encourage youths to develop their co-curricular skills. We dream of a better world and that motivates us to go on working. Let the youth rise, stand together and make the helpless people feel that we are with them as we say, ‘We Stand Beside You.’

Hafizur Rahman Khan Tanjim is the chief administrative officer of OEMACO

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