Interactive Talent Hunt Fest-2020

New Age Youth Desk | Published: 14:55, Jun 17,2020


WITH the COVID-19 adjusting our way of life, numerous talent-hunting platforms have adjourned until further announcement. During this lockdown, however, a group of enthusiastic and unseen or unspoken talents amongst the public is on the rise. With people sharing their smallest flairs over social media have generated a stimulating bulb of positivity. On that account, the introduction of an online contest, Interactive Talent Hunt Fest 2020, is open for anybody studying in fifth grade and above.

The fest is organised by Interactive Cares. Interactive Cares is country's first ever cloud and artificial intelligence based platform for e-learning, health, mental health and legal service to customers through real time communication. Through their website, people can easily register and search experts for those four mentioned services.

They can directly chat, voice call and video call with them. Moreover, there will be virtual whiteboard, automated prescription system for the experts. This is completely new in our country. Through this, experts can serve individual or group people irrespective of locations and time. Through using virtual whiteboard, experts can easily make understand things to user by touching and using the whiteboard features on the screen. They can write things there to make the session easier.

Automated prescription will make service easier for the doctors and patients. There will be open question asking platform where people can ask for their queries and get replies from the experts. They will get academic resources like books, solutions, notes, creative illustrations and can download those free of cost. The official website is With a vision to extend the offerings regionally and globally, Interactive Cares is ready to move.

‘The monotony and solitude of a quiet life is what stimulates a creative mind. Interactive Talent Hunt is where a creative mind should open up and spread color to this monotone’, COO, Sultan Mohammad Jami shared.

The series of competitions range over various fields of interests, divided into segments. The fest encompasses contests on photography, music, meme, art and painting, article writing in both Bangla and English, and poetry recitation in Bangla only. All contests are open-ended except for article writing, which is bounded by the topic, ‘How to make the quarantine productive?’

The motive is to create a platform for people to network and initiative conversations with others of similar interests. The participants and awardees will be recognised for their efforts and triumphs respectively with certifications and prize money. With the hope to introduce a platform for the participants to spend their quarantine, evacuating from boredom and investing the free time to do something fruitful, Interactive Talent Hunt Fest 2020 is organised by Interactive Cares.

The submission deadline will be on June 23 and the results will be declared on July 4.

A second motive for the contest is the total fund raised from the registration fee will be donated to people in need, affected by the COVID-19. Fahim Shahriar Swapnil, CMO of the organising firm stated, ‘Enlighten your quarantine boredom by showing your skills and save a life with your donations during this pandemic.’  

There will be two rounds of each segment and three winners will get be awarded. The competition is having seven partners, few clubs’ affiliation from various universities and 100 campus ambassadors. Many celebrities are joining in this competition as JUDGE.

‘Interactive Talent Hunt Fest was launched to sharpen the skills of young talents during this boredom time of Quarantine. The fest serves both the purpose of charity & increasing the productivity of youth,’ Rare Al Samir, CEO of Interactive Cares stated.

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