Prices of chicken, fish go up amid lockdown fears

Staff Correspondent | Published: 22:51, Jun 15,2020


The prices of some of the daily essentials including chicken and fish went up on the kitchen markets in the capital on Monday as consumers were buying commodities in large quantities amid fears that the government anytime would put the city’s certain areas on lockdown to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

The National Technical Advisory Committee for fighting COVID-19 has recommended that 17 areas in the Dhaka North city and 28 areas in the Dhaka South city be announced as red zones due to high coronavirus infection cases in those areas.

Different kitchen markets in the city witnessed a rush of consumers in the last three days.

Traders said that although consumers were buying in large quantities, the prices of most of the commodities remained stable.

The prices of chicken and fish increased by Tk 20-30 a kilogram on Monday in the city markets due to a supply shortage.

The price of broiler increased by Tk 20 a kg and the item was selling for Tk 170-180 a kg on the markets in the capital on the day.

Sonali chickens, also known as ‘Pakistani’ chickens, were selling for Tk 250-270 a kg while locally bred hens were selling for Tk 500 a kg on Monday in the city.

Rohita was selling for Tk 260-380 a kg and Katla for Tk 250-350 a kg, depending on their sizes and quality.

Pangas was selling for Tk 150-180 a kg and Tilapia for Tk 140-160 a kg.

Traders at Mohammadpur Krishi Bazar said that the prices of chicken and fish increased due to an excessive demand for the items for the last two days.

Mohammad Siam, a rice trader at Mohammadpur Krishi Bazar, said that the sales increased for the last couple of days due to fears of possible lockdown but the prices remained stable.

A salesman at Prince Bazar, a superstore on Ring Road, said that the number of buyers increased from Saturday in their store.

Zakir Hossain, a trader at Karwan Bazar kitchen market, said that the buyers crowded the market in the last two days but the prices of commodities remained unchanged due to available supply.

He said that the sales of rice, atta, pulse, edible oil, salt and sugar increased in the last two days.

Quoting government officials, the media reported that a zone-wise lockdown might be implemented in the capital to contain the virus outbreak amid a surge in infection cases.

The news pushed city dwellers to panic buying as they did not know which areas would be put on lockdown and to what extent.

On the pilot basis, the government has put Purba Rajabazar in the capital on lockdown since June 10 and parts of other red zones might be put on lockdown soon.

All types of movement would be restricted in the areas to be put on lockdown but facility for purchasing essentials by the residents would be available, government officials said.

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