Channels should air band shows regularly

Naquib Khan tells New Age

Tanzil Rahaman | Published: 23:27, Jun 06,2020 | Updated: 15:59, Jun 08,2020


Naquib Khan

Renowned singer Naquib Khan said that TV channels should telecast band shows regularly as that will provide a platform to aspiring and talented musicians to showcase their talent.

‘During the ‘90s band music shows aired on BTV and other private channels helped local bands thrive by providing an important platform. But the number of such programmes decreased gradually over the years. Today we have lots of TV channels but not many air band music shows regularly to entertain viewers,’ Naquib Khan told New Age.

‘Back in the ‘90s, we had a thriving band music scene. Bands released albums regularly and many concerts were also held across the country. Besides, TV channels aired band music shows. Today we have many talented young generation singers but there aren’t enough platforms where they can showcase their talent,’ he added.

 Naquib pointed out that many aspiring singers are pursuing music as it is their passion. He thinks that music institutions dedicated to teaching modern music should be established to help guide new generation singers.

‘Though we have many talented singers in our country, there aren’t any institutions dedicated to teaching modern music. We need such institutions where aspiring musicians can study,’ he observed.

Naquib voiced his concern over lack of dedication among singers who are more into releasing music videos than quality songs.

‘Songs will neither stand the test of time nor appeal to the music lovers unless they contain thought provoking lyrics and quality music. Many musicians have been flooding YouTube with music videos of low quality songs. If they really love singing, they should try to improve themselves as singers first before releasing songs,’ Naquib Khan pointed out.

When asked about the role of music in creating awareness, he said, ‘Music always plays an important role in creating awareness. Though singers have been staying at their homes, they have been helping to raise awareness about COVID-19 by releasing songs and music videos. Besides, they have been participating in programmes organised by the government and others to help COVID-19 affected people.’

Naquib Khan urged the government and affluent in society to stand beside aspiring artistes.

‘At the end of the day, singers have to put food on the table for their family members. Many instrumentalists and aspiring singers have been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak as concerts, TV shows and live music shows were cancelled to contain the spread of the virus. They can’t earn a living if they can’t perform. Many artistes have been trying their best to help aspiring artistes and instrumentalists as much as they can but we all have our limitations. I urge the government and the affluent in society to stand beside them,’ said Naquib Khan.

When asked how he is spending his time at home, he said, ‘I have been working from home. I am working as corporate affairs director at Nestle Bangladesh Limited and our factory is also open.’

When asked whether his band Renaissance has any plans to launch a new album, he replied, ‘We have readied the lyrics and tunes for our upcoming albums but we haven’t been able to manage free time to record it as all of us are working different jobs. Let’s see what happens.’

‘I urge all to unite against this virus. We should maintain social distancing on the street as people cannot make a living without going outside. I hope this crisis will soon pass and life will return to normal,’ he ended.

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