Used vehicle traders demand Tk 500cr in bailout packages, port charge waivers

Staff Correspondent | Published: 21:46, Jun 01,2020


The Bangladesh Reconditioned Vehicles Importers and Dealers Association on Sunday sought exemption from port charges for April and May as their vehicles remained stuck at the Chattogram and Mongla sea ports along with Tk 500 crore in allocation from the government announced bailout packages.

BARVIDA proposed to pay the government more than Tk 1,000 crore in duties and taxes through the release of some 8,000 vehicles from the ports if the port charge waiver was offered.

The association made the demand and pledge at a virtual press conference held on the day.

BARVIDA president Abdul Haque said that the government should waive the port rent fee for the months on release of the imported vehicles and allocate Tk 500 crore for BARVIDA members from the bailout packages to obtain the much required revenue during this crisis.

He said that the Chattogram Port Authority had earlier waived the port charge on containers due to the coronavirus pandemic but the reconditioned car importers could not enjoy the facility.

While seeking Tk 500 crore allocation, BARVIDA said that it would act as the guarantor for the fund.

Loans will remain safe and secured as banks will disburse the fund against documents of the vehicles, it said.

It claimed that more than 4,000 units of cars had remained unsold on display at 200 showrooms owned by BARVIDA members due to the pandemic, causing the sector to incur huge losses.

BARVIDA secretary general Mohammed Shahidul Islam, vice-presidents S M Anwar Sadat, Saiful Islam Samrat and Md Jasim Uddin Mintu, among others, were present at the conference.

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