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Riasat Raihan | Published: 00:00, May 31,2020 | Updated: 01:11, May 31,2020


Through their campaign 'Donate for Survivors' AHOBAN provided 1600+ families with necessary food supplies during the lock down period. Many families are still suffering and they are working tirelessly to help them out. 一 AHOBAN Foundation

Youth led organisation AHOBAN Foundation responses to the COVID-19 crisis by providing food to more than 1600 families in Dhaka and outside. They emphasise on sticking together in this crisis time, writes Riasat Raihan

THE outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has set the world on loose. People are dying every day and there is nothing we can do about it rather than staying home with family. No one knows when this pandemic will end. At least we can expect that it’s not going to end anytime soon. Where we are staying home to prevent us from this deadly virus, the doctors, nurses and healthcare workers around the world are trying to save people from this virus by taking risks with their lives. Along with the frontline workers, there are also some unsung heroes who are doing everything they can to contribute in this time of crisis. The AHOBAN Foundation has taken a noble step to help the families who are in need in this pandemic situation around the country.
AHOBAN Foundation is a youth based organisation dedicated to the betterment of underprivileged and economically marginalised people of Bangladesh. Back in 2011, four school-going boys (Ruhan, Nayeem, Arif, Rafi) of class 9 from Ideal School and College, dreamt of helping underprivileged people in Bangladesh and hence, created the platform AHOBAN Foundation. “A Holy Organization to Build A Nation: in abbreviate AHOBAN, firstly started its journey to fight against poverty and illiteracy. AHOBAN Foundation has left its footmarks in mitigating underprivileged people’s penance through multiple short-term projects. They organize skill development and training sessions for their volunteers consisting of various students from school, college & Universities. Currently, they are working on building a crowd-funding platform for the dropout school students. As of the current moment of crisis, AHOBAN is working to provide daily food supplies to the underprivileged people including some other praiseworthy deeds.

With the help of many kind hearted people and organisations, AHOBAN Foundation is trying to ensure enough food such as rice, lentils, oil, salt, spices, snacks and other basic needs for the people who really need help.

In the beginning of this step, AHOBAN Foundation made sure that there was enough food for one week. After getting a wide response, donations started to come from many people and channels. Now they are providing  bags food which contains at least one month basic bazar for a family. They started their food distribution in Mogbazar. Then they expanded their area of distribution and provided food in Khilgaon, Basabo, Rampura, Badda along with Bogra, Gaibandha and Rangpur district.
In addition, during the month of Ramadan, AHOBAN served 250 packets of iftar every day.
Till now, AHOBAN Foundation has received donations from 125 donors and raised up to BDT 15 lakhs. More than 1600 families have received bags of foods so far. President of AHOBAN Foundation Muktadir Ruhan said, ‘Being in quarantine won’t stop hunger. So, together we can survive this pandemic situation.’
This initiative from AHOBAN Foundation tells us that a little bit of help from everybody can change anything even if we are going through difficult times. During this lockdown, we have no idea how many people have suffered specially economically marginalised people and AHOBAN acknowledged this fact and came forward in this time of distress. Maybe they couldn't reach every person in need but at least they tried their best to combat this situation. Along with everyone in AHOBAN Foundation, it was the volunteers who also helped and worked with them and they should be given credit for this initiative as well.

AHOBAN Foundation is expecting more donors to come forward. During this initiative, FCIBD garments factory and OLSCBD (Official Liverpool supporters club of Bangladesh) served as their official partners for this project. Combined effort by them and many other organisations are giving some hopes to the marginalised people during this lockdown.

In this time of pandemic where the world is crumbling, by sticking together we can fight this virus. We all know that pandemics don’t die off quickly so we can expect that this coronavirus will be with us for some more time.

In the meantime, we just have to stick together and stay inside as much as possible. Stay home and stay safe not just for yourself, it’s for your family and everybody.

Riasat Raihan is a member of the New Age Youth team.

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