Mashrafee bracelet fetches Tk 42 lakh

Staff Correspondent | Published: 01:56, May 18,2020


An AFP file photo of Mashrafee bin Murtaza

Mashrafee bin Murtaza’s personalized bracelet fetched a whopping Tk 42 lakh in auction but the former Bangladesh skipper won’t have to part away from his precious belonging as the highest bidder, the Association of Bangladesh Leasing and Finance Companies, has decided to gift the bracelet back to him.

The Association chairman Mominul Islam took part in the auction on behalf of their orgnanisation and placed the highest bid to win the bracelet, one of the organisers of the auction, Prito Reza confirmed New Age.

After winning the auction, Mominul immediately said that their company wanted to gift the bracelet back to the player and at a later time organise a function to officially hand over the bracelet, which is currently with Mashrafee.

The auction, organised by Auction4Action, took place on Sunday night where Mashrafee put his precious bracelet up for grab to raise fund to help the coronavirus affected people of the country.

Mashrafee’s bracelet has fetched the highest amount of the all the memorabilia auctioned by the Bangladeshi cricketers so far, more than doubling the previous highest Tk 20 lakh which Sakib al Hasan got by auctioning his 2019 World Cup bat.

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