How to survive in a ripped-off society

Emon Sahariar | Published: 22:10, May 06,2020 | Updated: 00:40, May 07,2020


一 Ishtiaque Foysol

State mechanisms are becoming increasingly authoritarian serving the interests of the ruling elites. It seems like societies are functioning only to serve the greed of the ruling class. In this scenario, Emon Sahariar talks about how people can become self-subsistence and focus on community efforts instead of being heavily reliant on the state and the oppressive system

CAN society be ripped-off? Oh, it is the establishment and the greed of the elites. If you answer like this, then please rethink as follows -- establishment doesn't snoop directly on the grass root and marginalised areas of society. It controls the grassroots via social norms culture and regional leaders. Do you agree?

As a matter of fact, for now, let just think like this. Now you will ask -- how to survive in this situation where my society stands against me? At first, you have to shape your mind that, why you should stay in a ripped-off society, where you can escape to make your life calmer.

Hmm, maybe you are in a locked-down territory where the international community can't reach you for your rescue, or you just want to stay for the sake of your family, for the upcoming events where you can change the weather or your authority doesn't let you escape to. Certain kinds of situation will drive you into a certain kind of survival mechanism. And the very last context before make the mechanism point is, what kind of ripped off society are you living in?

Is it economically broken with no freedom of opinion? Dictators are on your way? Does the epidemic corrupt everyone with stressful laws and regulations? A war venue for the international powers? Conflict among different native groups?

Self-defense practices

ABOVE anything, security first. Any abnormal society leads folks to behave with totally unexpected manners. The shortage of basic resources to live makes people the bare human. They will stab, steal, pickpocket or kill other folks to mitigate their needs. You should be the merciless defender of you and your family. And be realistic, the defense doesn't mean random aggressive striking back against mean people, go with the methodical way. Keep your body fit, workout daily. Teach yourself things like Krav Maga, Judo et cetera to be confident and methodical.

Self-defense is mandatory at any kind of ripped-off society.

Homeschooling children
THIS mechanism is necessary when you are living in a Dictatorial state, have minimum freedom of opinion and stress of laws and legislation. Homeschooling will prevent your child to be one of the oppressed people, who are forced to think like they don't get hurt by the inhuman authority. Correspondence of an oppressive state distributes hate, radicalism and mean values to be so-called qualified to control the oppressed crowd. If you love your child, be prepared to teach him the right way.

Forming strong communities

A COMMUNITY can reduce the effort to live healthy, calm in a ripped-off society. Most of the time, you do it in the right way, because you have a community. They share ideas, condolences, and their resources to live better.

Innovative DIY practices

RIPPED-off situations can make unavailable the daily goods, sometimes left those goods in a pricey hell. Solution? Do it yourself. Utilise your old goods to make new goods. Don't waste any resource, try to find a way to recycle. Or else, you will be more hooked up with the abusive society. DIY practices are useful for any kind of ripped-off society.

Some communities call them off-the-grid communities who are fully free from public utility needs. They use solar panels, wind turbines, solar thermal and many more renewable technologies to become self-sufficient. You know, 3D printers are the new craze in the DIY communities. Still, it is not that viable to use 3D printers everywhere in our daily life. But what about gradual adoption? You can think of a thermoplastic-made teaspoon, which is very lengthy to made from scratch by wood carving. But, in 3D printing, it has no such complication. You don't need crazy skill or material to do a great piece of a teaspoon.

In some cases, 3D printer-like technologies are relatively hard to find or over-priced. How to get a blueprint of this 3D printer to made? There is a project named RepRap, behind the design of the Prussa i3, which is a blueprint of a 3D printer openly available.

Go for a self-subsistence diet

GROW your food in your compound. As the value of money is reducing, the market is a mess. Limit your consumption and diversity of foods. Yes, you can feed yourself with a complete, nutritious way. It is possible to use home-grown vegetables, just think that buying foods will leave you vulnerable when earning is not that easy. Just use this practice if you are staying in a broken economic region.

So, where you can grow your foods if your regional climate doesn't suit for farming? Here vertical farming comes. Vertical farming utilises your vertical free spaces by planting the seeds on the body of a stacking ceiling to floor layers. Maybe you can gain more control of your stacks by making it indoor.

We have got a diverse array of techniques for farming.

Hydroponics: To farm without any contact of soil, because sometimes soil can be a source of substances which could make you sick. Soils from some territory are not ideal for growing crops. Even some soil needs additional fertiliser which is not environmentally friendly. Instead, hydroponics use liquid nutrition to grow crops and you have to measure the PH level of your nutrition substance to make your crop grow fast and in time.

Aeroponics: To reduce the size of farming infrastructures, substances responsible for growing are sprayed on the dangling roots of a plant, which is called aeroponics. It can astonish you sometimes to see some aeroponics facilities because you will notice a whole bunch of plants with their roots exposed.

Aquaponics: This kind of farming existed during the ancient Egypt. The idea is simple. You will use the hydroponic-style water-based growing, but you don't have to provide nutrients by any artificial mean. You will use nature to feed nature. Fishes are kept adjacent to the planting facility; exertion came from the fishes used as nutrition to grow plants. Simple but extraordinary at the same time.

Make your communication by substituted signs

THE only way to avoid the dictatorial or stressful law and legislation is alternative communication. Just use some sign language to share the news and criticism. The former soviet activists did so. These kinds of languages or signs don't point to cryptography. You will just substitute some words by other meaningful words or expressions.

Why not crypto texts? Crypto texts left officials suspicious and make you more a probable suspect to search on your communication stream. And if you want to meet some exercises about substitute signs, expressionist literature can be the right place. 

一 Ishtiaque Foysol


Watch your back when using digital devices

DO YOU know, your digital device is the most vulnerable bridge to take you down? No doubt that I'll not suggest you use the cell GSM voice call, because it is insecure and raw. Your provider can anytime intercept these calls and you know if your provider has your call tapped, so does the authority. Use FOSS tools, operating systems, avoid tech giants and their popular social media platforms. Because they collect your browsing history and spy on your private data.

Use internet based calling app services, self-hosted services or end to end encryption enabled applications, that is called the security. Some alternatives platforms would be: DuckDuckGo for searching, Riot for messaging, NextCloud as file cloud, Linux Mint, Debian and FreeBSD as operating system, Mozilla Firefox as web browser, Mastodon s social media and Thunderbird as e-mail client.

Choose the right place to live

REMOTE impassable regions are more suited to you if you are living in a war venue of the international powers. You know when Mayan civilisation was occupied by the Spanish colonialists, some indigenous groups were protected, because they lived in an impassable mountain surrounded the place, which was very hard to survive as well as reach.

Emon Sahariar is a writer and open source technology enthusiast.


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