Crowded living conditions in Singapore got many Bangladeshi workers infected

310 Bangladeshis died abroad

Shahidul Islam Chowdhury | Published: 22:10, Apr 21,2020


Hundreds of Bangladeshi workers in Singapore got infected with the novel coronavirus due to crowded living conditions and lack of awareness about preventive measures, according to community sources.

The health ministry in Singapore announced that 1,111 new cases were confirmed on Tuesday, most of the infected people were foreign workers as only 20 Singaporeans and permanent residents among them.

With the national total reaching 9,125 in Singapore, nearly 40 per cent of the infected were Bangladeshi workers who live in crowded dormitories, according to an estimate of Bangladesh embassy officials there.

Over 310 Bangladeshi nationals and Bangladeshi diaspora members living abroad died of COVID-19 in 13 countries till Tuesday, according to Bangladeshi diplomatic sources and community people in the affected countries.

Most of them died in the US and the UK.

In Singapore, the level of infection most of the Bangladeshi workers developed was mild and they were isolated from their roommates, officials said, adding that a few infected people were taken to hospitals depending on the severity of the disease.

Bangladesh high commissioner in Singapore Md Mustafizur Rahman told New Age on Tuesday that the Singapore government had been engaged in active testing and taking good care of the workers since the beginning of the infection.

Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong once again assured on Tuesday that the migrant workers will get care as do the Singaporeans, according to The Straits Times.

At least five Bangladesh-origin American died in the US, raising the death toll to at least 179 so far, while at least 132 Bangladeshis died in the UK.   

Foreign ministry additional secretary Khalilur Rahman, who is the focal point for COVID-19 at the ministry, however, said on Tuesday that over two dozen Bangladeshi passport-holders died with the corornavirus infection.

Several Bangladeshi citizen and Bangladeshi diaspora members also died in Italy, Canada, KSA, Spain, Qatar, Sweden, the UAE, Libya and Gambia.

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