Affluent should stand beside the needy: Chanchal

Tanzil Rahaman | Published: 23:55, Apr 04,2020


Chanchal Chowdhury

Two-time National Film Award winning actor Chanchal Chowdhury urged the affluent in the society to stand beside the needy amid coronavirus crisis.

‘Those who have enough money should help the poor people living near them. If the marginalised receive help, they will not need to venture outside unless it is an emergency,’ said Chanchal Chowdhury.

‘Some people think that they have stored enough food but no one knows how long this crisis will continue. One day their reserve will dry out and they will have to go out again. We have to create an situation where everyone can stay at home otherwise things will not improve,’ observed Chanchal.

When asked about the way out of the crisis, he replied, ‘Awareness is the only way to stop the spread of coronavirus. Many people of our country are not aware about the nature of the dreadful virus. I saw that many people living in the remote areas of Rajshahi do not know about the virus. The local administrations along with eminent persons should make people across the country aware about the virus and encourage them to keep practising social distancing.’

‘People are going out for having tea, gossiping and to enjoy walk in the fresh air. They should not do that right now and try to spend their time at home watching films, teleplays, listening to songs as well as keep in touch with their family members. The law enforcement agencies should strictly enforce social distancing. The people going out without any valid reasons should be punished,’ pointed out Chanchal.

He also said that people from all walks of life must work together to overcome the crisis.

‘I have given paid leave to my housemaid and driver. Everyone in our society should do this and support the destitute so that the poor do not have to leave their homes looking for food,’ mentioned Chanchal.

Chanchal has recently acted in Giasuddin Selim directed film named ‘PaapPunya’ and Mezbaur Rahman Sumon directed ‘Hawa.’

In ‘PaapPunya’, Chanchal will be seen as a village politician named Khorshed Chairman. And, in ‘Hawa’, he has enacted the character of Chanmajhi, who is the head fisherman of a fishing trawler.

‘The shootings for the films concluded towards the end of 2019. If the situation improves, both films will be released at the end of this year,’ said Chanchal.

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