Six-week old among 884 dies of COVID-19 in US in 24 hours

Agence France-Presse. Washington | Published: 11:25, Apr 02,2020


A six-week old baby died in the United States, among 884 people, of COVID-19 in last 24 hours— a one-day record in 24 hours at about 2:35GMT on Thursday.

So far 5,116 people died in the country that leads the world with 215,417 novel coronavirus infections, said Johns Hopkins University.

The number of COVID-19 positive rose by more than 25,000 in one day, according to the data compiled by the university on Wednesday evening.

The worst hit place is New York City, where more than 1,300 people have died.

The US death toll is lower than those of Italy and Spain but above the 3,316 recorded for China, where the pandemic first emerged in December.

President Donald Trump, who earlier had downplayed the pandemic’s impact on the US, said Wednesday that ‘we’re going to have a couple of weeks, starting pretty much now, but especially a few days from now, that are going to be horrific.’

Last Sunday, senior US scientist Anthony Fauci issued a cautious prediction that the novel coronavirus could claim 100,000 to 200,000 lives in the country.

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