Killing time in time of Corona

New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, Mar 29,2020


As a preventive measure against possible spread of COVID-19, all the academic institutes are closed amidst the pandemic. New Age Youth collects some responses on how the youths are spending their time at home.

Humaira Tasnim Tashfya
Faridpur Medical College

COVID-19 has already introduced us to what quarantine actually is. It has added an unexpected vacation to our busy schedule. However, I am getting bored yet enjoying my home quarantine days in my own ways.

I have started reading new books which were rotting in my want-to-read list for a long while. Also, I am encouraging my friends for staying at home by providing them with PDF books according to their choices. I have started watching a number of new TV series. The on-going pandemic has already made my mood gloomy. So, I prefer to watch something energetic. So I chose action, mystery or biography (to restore my self-confidence) movies to make my unwanted vacation cheerful.

Cooking is also an escape that I have chosen to shield my mind from this on-going boredom. ‘New wishes, with new dishes’, I do always believe in that. You are happy as long as your stomach is happy. Inventing new dishes (tasty or not), taking photos of them in well decorated plates is my newly emerging hobby nowadays.

Aside from all these calling upon my lord and seeking refuge as well as forgiveness is the biggest part of my home quarantine day’s daily routine.

Stay safe, stay home. ANDRÀ TUTTO BENE (everything will be fine).

Md Ashikur Rahman
University of Dhaka

COVID-19 Virus has become an epidemic worldwide. After entering into Bangladesh, this virus is spreading and already some people have been identified as infected with it. A lot of people are quarantined in their house in Bangladesh and also across the world.

It is very boring and monotonous to be in the home for days after days. I am trying my best to utilise this time and I can give suggestions to the young people who are trapped in their homes. I am watching some of the best rated movies that I missed like Fight Club, Parasite and so on. I have started doing some of the online free courses from Udemy and edx. Doing online courses can consume so much time that you cannot even notice.

From the last Ekushey Book Fair, I bought some books. Those books are helping me as well to spend my time. While staying in Dhaka, I am not used to watch television. But now, I have to watch TV with my family and it is quite interesting.

Last but not the least, I am exploring different YouTube channels and going to watch videos that interest me. Around the world 4K and CNBC International are two of the channels those I want to explore.

Stay safe and ensure safety to your family members.

Srabone Vodro
University of Dhaka

HAPPINESS is all about staying and passing days with dear ones. But in this situation, when Bangladesh and other countries around the world are facing a challenging time, this happiness has turned into the reason of tension for us. All the educational institutions have been closed and in line with that the happiness of general people has also turned pale.

We, the students are now passing sluggish time with no work at all. Currently, I am trying to utilise this time by making my neighbourhood aware about the effects of corona virus and letting them know how they can stay safe.

There is now a crying need to inform people about personal hygiene and etiquettes of coughing in public because without knowing these people often put others in harm’s way. People are panicked as they do not have enough and credible information from right sources.

Along with that, I am reading books, watching movies, helping my younger brother in his studies and spending quality time with my family.

Pranta Roy Chowdhury
University of Dhaka

COVID-19 has been declared as pandemic by World Health Organisation. And we have been going through a situation where we have nothing but to take precautions to not spread the disease even more. It is ocular how pathetic situations are for countries like China, Italy and Iran.

Bangladesh has also confirmed corona patients and the citizens are terrified by it as at least 6 people have already died of it. I think, the people are still not taking the required precautions needed for this situation.

All educational institutions are closed down. For the safety of the students, residential halls are also vacated. I am staying at my own home but I am tensed about my near and dear ones who are bound to go out for their daily tasks. I am trying to pass my time by reading books and watching TV.

It is high time we became aware of the fact that ‘prevention is better than cure’. The better we understand this the sooner we will be able to get rid from this.

Suha Hussein
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

THESE are trying times. Especially for those of us who are students and teachers both. By that I mean, the looming stress of having to manage our classes and tuitions online. Of course that saves the time of having to actually be in places. Despite the fact that we are missing out on these exquisite spring afternoons, I have realised, this quarantine period is scope for variety productivity.

I have managed to sneak in a 20-minute-workout every other day in the noon and finally got around to reading that Yuval Noah Harari’s books. I believe the thought of impending doom haunts us all now. But we humans have always tried to find the good in everything. In this current time I have more time to interact with my family that I did not have before and of course, at a safe distance.

Md Tarek Aziz Bappi
University of Dhaka

As my university is closed, I am passing my time at my village home. First of all, I am spending quality time with my family, helping them in their daily chores and agricultural works. Besides, I am also reading a lot of PDF version books and online articles and news regarding national and international affairs.

I am also trying to make my community members aware about the COVID-19.  Albeit, so far I am frustrated with the responses from my neighbours as most of them view everything with religious spectacle and still they are delivering religious rhetoric regarding COVID-19 but I am not giving up.

In personal sphere nowadays I am avoiding public gatherings and trying utmost to maintain safety measures like wearing masks in urgent outing from home, washing hands, being careful in sneezing and coughing et cetera. Furthermore, I am also doing online campaign through sharing verified news and necessary documents regarding COVID-19 virus pandemic.

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