Hygiene is the measure of any good hospital: Khairul Islam

Rashad Ahamad | Published: 00:56, Mar 20,2020


Khairul Islam

WaterAid Bangladesh country director Khairul Islam said that hygiene of a hospital was very important and that the standard of a hospital depended on its hygiene practices.

There were many hospitals good in treatment but due to poor hygiene, people avoid the hospital and prefer hospitals where hygiene was maintained but average health care services were provided, he said, adding that this was the case with some private hospitals.

But the poor who have no ability to afford private treatment, would have no options as hygiene scenario in public hospitals were almost the same in all hospitals, they were equally horrible, said Khairul, who is a physician.

For the lack of hygiene, a patient could be infected by germs that another patient was carrying in the body while doctors, nurses, staff members, visitors and everyone in the hospital could also get infected, he said.

Khairul, a public health expert, said that management development by hospital authority could enhance hospital hygiene manifold.

His emphasis was on trained cleaners to keep hospitals clean as he also pointed out that controlling visitors in hospital area was of prime importance.

He said that if the hospitals could do it, hospital would not be dirty frequently and cleaners could clean it easily.

Khairul urged the hospital managements to improve their monitoring and to put place a mechanism of cleanliness following the hospital hygiene guidelines.

No public hospital in Bangladesh maintained hygiene properly and they have acute lack of initiatives, he said.

He admitted that in the face of the huge rush of patients, the existing number of health care facilities was struggling to maintain good services. He urged the government to ensure more facilities so that everyone would have access to the very essential service that is the medical service.

He said that hospitals should give more concentration on hygiene as in many hospitals even doctors were not maintaining proper hygiene.

‘When doctors go from one patient to another, they may transmit infections to other patients,’ he said.

He observed that at many hospitals cleaning service providers did not provide germ-killing chemicals to save money. Hospital authorities should strictly monitor them.

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