Hospital hygiene is a must to check infection: Romen Raihan

Rashad Ahamad | Published: 00:53, Mar 20,2020


Romen Raihan

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University public health and informatics department associate professor Romen Raihan said that hospital hygiene was a must to stop hospital-acquired infection.

He said that hospital hygiene was more important than hygiene in other places because different types of patients take treatment there at the same place.

The public health teacher said that maintenance of hospital hygiene included cleaning of hospital floor and other units regularly and accordingly, hygiene of staff members and doctors and hygiene of visitors.

He said that all these were important as one could easily endanger other positive aspect of a hospital by not attending to hygiene.

In hospitals, doctors, nurses, staffers, patient as well as their relatives were exposed due to unhygienic environment, he said.

He urged people not to go to hospital during this pandemic without serious diseases as COVID-19 was an infectious disease and hospitals provide environments for the transmission of the virus.

Romen said that first of all cleaners in hospitals were not trained to use chemicals at an adequate percentage and wipe the floors and other units that needed looking after between specific time break.

He said that suppliers too might not provide enough anti-infective chemicals and deployed less number of workers than actually needed.

He said that most of the hospital toilets were not hygienic.

He also pointed out that hospital waste management was a very important issue to maintain hospital hygiene but unfortunately medical waste management reached a level which can be dubbed an alarming condition.

He pointed out that many hospital buildings were structurally faulty where hygiene maintenance was very difficult.

Romen said that hospital authority as well as the patients and their relatives have equal role to play when hygiene was concerned.

He said that traditionally relatives of patients rushed to hospitals, which was a very dangerous and harmful practice in terms of maintaining hygiene.

‘Authority should draw up a guideline for all facilities and patients and their attendants need to follow the guideline to maintain hygiene strictly,’ he told New Age on Wednesday night.

He said that there was a huge lack of knowledge as well as unwillingness to practice hygiene too.

Hospital staff members also suffer from lack of knowledge about hygiene while whatever little they know, they hardly ever put into practice.

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