‘Radcliffe Line’ staged at Shilpakala

Cultural Correspondent | Published: 22:59, Mar 17,2020


A scene from ‘Radcliffe Line’. — Sourav Lasker

Theatre troupe Batighar staged its play ‘Radcliffe Line’ at the Experimental Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on Monday.

The play has been written and directed by Muktonil. It portrays how a political border separate people and strip them of humanity.

The play revolves around a fantasy encounter between two soldiers of Border Guards Bangladesh and Border Security Force of India. The soldiers namely Jamal of BGB and Hiralal of BSF chase a cow grazing on No Man’s Land.

While chasing the cow from opposite sides of the Radcliffe Line, Hiralal finds a tunnel under the border fence. Inside, Jamal and Hiralal face each other and soon they begin to fight.

After hours of fighting, the tired soldiers start a conversation and realise how similar their lives are. They talk about their backgrounds, their love for their respective families and other things.

Both of them realise that they have been dehumanised by an imaginary line which has stripped them of their humanity.

The play, however, does not end with the two soldiers becoming friends. They are killed by long range shots fired by an unknown gunman.

Batighar artistes Muktonil, Smaran Biswas, Shishir Sarkar, Sanjoy Halder and others acted in the play.

“Radcliffe Line’ is the 9th production of our troupe. Today we staged the 21st show of the play. In this play, we have tried to show how borders separate the thoughts of people,’ Sanjay Goswami, a member of Batighor, told New Age.

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