Rafiq Azad’s death anniv today

Cultural Correspondent | Published: 00:00, Mar 12,2020


Rafiq Azad

Today is the 4th death anniversary of late Ekushey Padak-winning poet and freedom fighter Rafiq Azad.

Rafiq Azad was born on February 14, 1941 at the village of Guni in Tangail.

He had enriched Bangla literature with his works addressing social and political issues.

He depicted love, romance, poverty, sufferings, injustice, urban and rural life in his poems.

Rafiq Azad was one of the most creative young poets in the post-liberation war period. He had 45 books to his credit, including an autobiography.

His first book ‘Asombhaber Paye’ was published in 1973. Some of his renowned works include ‘Shimabaddha Jale Shimita Shabuje’, ‘Chunia Amar Archedia’, ‘Haturir Niche Jiban’, ‘Parikirna Panshala Amar Swadesh’, ‘Shahstra Sundar’, ‘Khub Bashi Durey Nay’, ‘Khama Karo Bahaman He Udar Amia Batas’, ‘Karo Asrupat’, ‘Prem O Biraher Kabita’, ‘Pagla Garad Thekay Premikar Chiti’, ‘Apar Aranya’ and ‘Moulabir Man Bhalo Nai’.

During the 1971 liberation war he fought as a member of the guerrilla outfit known as Kaderia Bahini.

Being moved by the horrifying famine in 1974, Rafiq Azad penned his most famous poem titled ‘Bhat Dey Haramjada’. Through the strong and intense verses of the poem, Rafiq loathed those who were responsible for the famine.

Rafiq was also a prolific administrator and held important posts at different government organisations.

He had received many awards like Kobitalap Award, Alaol Literary Award, Bangla Academy Literary Award, Suhreed Literary Award, Poet Ahsan Habib Award, Poet Hasan Hafizur Rahman Award, Ekushey Padak and others.

He passed away on March 12, 2016 at the age of 75.

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