Training duration of women migrants should be extended: principal Fouzia Shahnaz

Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Published: 00:29, Mar 06,2020


Fouzia Shahnaz

Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Women Technical Training Centre principal Fouzia Shahnaz said that the duration of training to provide the country’s women migrants a grounding before going abroad should be extended further.

‘We should give them specific training on specific work type to prepare them for their overseas jobs,’ she said in an interview with New Age.

The TTC Principal mentioned that they impart training to the women workforce before migration. ‘We impart 1 month residential training for housekeeping to those who would like to go to various Middle Eastern countries,’ she added.

She pointed out that the training is set according to the salary range. But if we would like to send them in developed countries, the standard of training should be upgraded and updated as the salary range will be higher, she argued.

Fouzia Shahnaz also added that the training for caregivers should be more developed and the workforce should be familiar with medical equipment and must acquire a certain level of technical knowledge.

‘Moreover, we should arrange for more training on “soft skills”. They should know the language of the host country. They should develop adequate communication skill,’ she said.

She added that as cultural knowledge can satisfy one, they should know about the behavioral code, dress code, food habits and so on of the host countries. ‘In a word, we should impart primary knowledge to make them skillful and efficient in their works in the destination country,’ she continued.

Asked about women Migration, she said that 50 per cent of the Bangladeshi workforce was women and they should be engaged in various employments both at home and abroad.

She said that compared to our country’s job market, foreign employment was more attractive and demanding as it pays attractive salary.

Fouzia Shahnaz said that migration makes ‘capital contribution’ to the country’s overall economic development. So to develop our country’s economy, we should be more liberal and facilitate migration in various developed countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and so on, countries that are in need of workforce at present.

‘It is a golden opportunity for us to facilitate migration to those developed countries where there is a need for nurses, caregivers, medical assistants, domestic help, supervisors in various garments and companies and so on.

We are sending our workforce to Middle Eastern countries and other countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and so on. As a result, our economy is developing. If we send more workforce, it will be developed.’

To ensure safety and security for our women workforce, she said that it is very important to provide them with knowledge about the ins and outs of their target working environment.

She said that the women migrants should have knowledge on their contract sign, salary range, and work load and work type. ‘In case of working as a domestic helper, they should know what are the house hold chores, how to do those chores, how many members are there at that house and so on.’

The TTC principal said that women migrants should know well about the human trafficking. ‘Proper training can make them aware about these.’

She warned that they should not go abroad by the help of agents without having proper knowledge and information. Thus we can ensure safety and security of our Women Workforce.

About Contribution of Women Migration to Economy, she said that Women migrants contribute more comparing to men to our economy because they have strong tendency for savings.

Naturally, she said that women are more prosperous as they always think about their children’s future and family’s welfare. ‘As a result, they don’t waste their money without any reason. Before thinking about their own self, they think about their family. This is why they send more money to country comparing to men.’

Moreover, she added that they send their money through proper channel. ‘In this sense, we can say that they possess more patriotism and thus they are increasing our remittance and developing our country’s economy.’

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