We should groom caregivers for western countries: Hasna Hena

Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Published: 00:25, Mar 06,2020


Hasna Hena

Bangladesh government should groom a large number of caregivers by providing them quality training after a setting a target of sending them to western countries, according to a Bangladesh-born politician in Canada.

Hosne Ara Akter, who is well-known as Hasna Hena, is a director of Ontario liberal party in Scarborough South West of Ontario.

In an interview with New Age she said that Bangladesh should immediately launch caregiver course for women workers and prepare them with adequate skills to send them to western countries including Canada, where there is a huge demand for caregivers.

Unfortunately, she said, ‘Bangladeshi women migrant workers were being sent abroad as unskilled workers, especially to the Middle Eastern countries.’

‘They are absolutely poorly trained,’ she said, adding that the government of Bangladesh needed to take effective measures to implement caregiver training for women so that they could go to western societies and work as a caregiver.

Citing an example, she said, ‘Canada always brings caregivers from the Philippines as they are comparatively skilled and proficient in English language.’

Hasna Hena said that Bangladeshi women migrants needed to be proficient in English and trained in other professional skills which could ensure safe working environment in the destination countries.

She added that women workers should work not only as housemaids, they can choose jobs as many other professionals.

She unambiguously said that the Middle Eastern countries, which were the current major destinations of Bangladeshi women workers, were not safe for women working as domestic helps.

‘People know quite well that woman domestic workers often suffer abuse, torture and exploitation at the hand of their employers in the ME countries,’ she said.

So alternative destinations must be explored for the country’s women workers, she advised.

Hasna Hena said that most women workers migrating overseas had no proper knowledge about their rights.

She said that before sending women workers abroad, they must be educated, skilled and well prepared so that they could get themselves adjusted to the new situation.

She noted that promoting skilled migration of women workers could make them safe and secure abroad, besides ensuring better remittance for the country.

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